My June 2017 Goals

I am sure that June will pass really fast, esp. since it is only four more weeks until summer vacation starts. Also, because this is usually the month when we all seem to do most social get togethers like bbqs and parties. What are your plans for this month?

In June I want to:

  • go to the beach several times;
  • start baking more again;
  • tidy up my room;
  • see if Canavar likes roadtrips;
  • plan at least one roadtrip for my summer vacation;
  • work through a longer list of tasks before summer vacation starts;
  • eat more from the freezer so that my roommate can also put food in there *oops*;
  • try not to buy coffee to go, but make it at home;
  • say no to everything that I don’t feel comfortable doing (for others mainly);
  • use my season pass and go canoing or SUPing twice a week;
  • have a housewarming party for and with my new roommate;
  • enjoy the graduation ball at my school.

My goals for May were:

  • food shopping only when I’ve eaten or used something up √ – even though I made a big food shopping trip to Aldi, I used much up. There actually is more space in the kitchen cupboards now.
  • and also less eating out – I’ve noticed that I’m often eating a burrito on the way home or going to the supermarket during lunch break instead of bringing lunch from home Χ – this still doesn’t work well. I think I need to say no much more often and even eat at home when my friends eat burgers in a pub.
  • blogging more regularly again √ – I’m slowly getting back into my routine.
  • not ordering an Uber all the time, but relying more on public transport again (or maybe even using my bike, but I won’t be too optimistic) – well, I have more or less stopped using both now that I have a car.
  • exploring more of Boston again because esp. in spring it is such a beautiful city √ – I did a bit of walking around, but could explore even more.
  • attending a university graduation in New York State next weekend – I am very excited for this event because one of my former high school students from Istanbul has invited me (and yes, they grow up so fast) √ – I loved this weekend away. It was so relaxing and inspiring.
  • celebrating my birthday – I haven’t set a date for the party yet, but I really want to celebrate with my friends Χ – this turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I’m not even sure anymore we’ll celebrate.
  • going away for Memorial Day weekend – that’s the only long weekend we have in May and I think it would be lovely to go somewhere else √ – I took two day trips and loved leaving the city. It’s so exciting to explore new places.
  • reaching for a better work-life balance √ – I have improved this a lot. It might become more obvious once I’ll blog about all the books I read in May.
  • empty my desk and the basket next to it Χ – it’s still a mess.

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1 thought on “My June 2017 Goals”

  1. Hey Jana,

    da bin ich ja gespannt, ob Canavar Roadtrips mag! Da er ja bereits weiß, was die Natur ist, könnte ich mir das gut vorstellen 🙂

    Im Übrigen: gegen das ständige Auswärts-Essen hilft mir immer nur vorkochen. Das muss auch gar nicht lange dauern und den ganzen Sonntag einnehmen, wie das Vorurteil so schön sagt. Ich koche eigentlich immer etwas mehr und was übrig bleibt teile ich entweder auf oder friere es ein. Dann muss ich auch nicht jeden Tag vor’m Herd stehen. Vielleicht hilft dir das ja, auf die Burritos zu verzichten :p

    Liebe Grüße
    Iza von Unsettled Destination

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