February 2018 Goals

This is how I usually work towards a goal at the example of my residency parking permit: I got a reminder at the end of November that I had to renew my parking permit in Cambridge for 2018. So I went online and looked at the application. But I didn’t fill it in. I did that several times. But there was plenty of time because the old permit is always also valid for the whole of January. Christmas vacation came and I went to Europe. Obviously, I had better things to do than extending my parking permit. I still had the whole of January to do this. January came and went. How did this even happen so fast?! On 31 January in the evening I realized that it was quite risky to park my car in my street without a valid permit for the second half of the night. What if they sent around parking inspectors in the middle of the night?! So on 1 February I went from work straight to the office in Cambridge to buy a new permit. It was long too late to do this online. When I entered the office, there were at least twenty people in front of me. When I left, there were about thirty people behind me, and the office was going to close in half an hour. Apparently, half of the Cambridge residents only realize on 1 February that they urgently have to renew their parking permits. And I am no different.

Maybe I should first work on my general attitude towards reaching goals, instead of setting specific ones?!

In February I want to:

  • take Canavar to his dentist appointment.
  • start to make more of my lunches at home and take them to work instead of buying frozen dishes.
  • go away during winter break, maybe to Montreal again?! Or should I go somewhere I haven’t been to yet?!
  • tidy my room properly.
  • tidy my desk in school properly.
  • do the 28 days of blogging challenge.
  • again not buy anything unnecessary.
  • read a little less [novels] or if I can’t stop myself, I should at least read some of the unread books on my shelf.
  • be socially active: watch the Super Bowl with friends, attend a friend’s baby shower, play board games, etc.

In January I wanted to:

  • eat more of the things I already have at home instead of buying food. Except for fresh food like vegetables. √ – I did a really good job here. There is nothing wrong with making a little space on the shelves :-).
  • neither buy any beauty products nor books nor anything that I don’t urgently need to survive. √ – Yes! I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need. I am very proud of myself.
  • call my granny at least twice Χ – Unfortunately, I didn’t call her even once. There were so many things happening.
  • text or call my friends more often Χ – Same as with my granny. I have a lot of room for improvement here.
  • try to excercise a little and if it is on the carpet at home Χ – Ditto.
  • upload many more photos on Shutterstock now that they accepted me as a contributor [become a contributor, too]* √ – I uploaded a few more, but could also work a little more on this.
  • calculate if I really need both Xfinity TV and Amazon Prime TV √ – I actually really did this and realized that even though I don’t watch both all the time, it doesn’t make much of a difference moneywise. So I’m keeping both plans.
  • be well prepared for the part of a professional development day that I am presenting √ – I had worked hard on that PDD and I think it went well. At least this is what the feedback I received suggested.
  • organize a school trip to Washington D.C. in February Χ – Ehm, better not talk about this. At least the date is set (for March now).
  • have a great time participating in Harvard MUN with my students – attending that conference is a professional dream come true √ – It was awesome! Even though it was exhausting to work through a whole weekend, I enjoyed being at the conference and supporting my students very much.

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