28 Days of Blogging 2018

The “28 Days of Blogging” project is becoming a tradition. Nadine from but first create called on bloggers once more to publish one blog post a day during February. Just like in 2016 and 2017 I participate. As you notice it is 2 February today – so I guess I am a little rebellious this year and delay the whole project by a day. But January and yesterday were just crazy, and I simply couldn’t find time to blog. I love this project though and really want to keep it up and blog on a daily basis for the next 28 days. It might be hard from time to time, but in two weeks winter vacation starts so everything should then ease up a little.

Here are the other participants:

  1. Alexandra https://lexasleben.de/
  2. Alina: http://www.equi-cani.de/
  3. Andy alias Föhnlocke http://foehnlocke.ch/
  4. Anja, Ina & Sanny http://applethree.de/
  5. Anke http://www.frischluft-training.de/f…
  6. Anna https://canistecture.de/ http://paradoxes-leben.de/
  7. Anne http://emcyper.de/
  8. Anne-Kristin https://annekristinsturm.wordpress.com/…
  9. Barbara B. http://fraumomosminimalismus.ch/ und http://lichtung.ch/
  10. Barbara K. https://die-photographin.de/
  11. Britta S. http://briganti-diesammlerin.blogspot.de/…
  12. Flo http://tasteboykott.blogspot.de/
  13. Gaby http://www.gabyregler.de/
  14. Hedge http://hedgefairy.wordpress.com/
  15. Izy https://haus-und-beet.de/
  16. Julia http://gruenewuerfel.de/
  17. Karl https://gut-essen-in-muenchen.de/
  18. Manuela https://meinhund24.de/
  19. Maren http://averagepony.com/
  20. Martina von http://www.kinderkuecheundso.de/
  21. Michael: https://michamachtmusik.blog/
  22. Miriam http://www.miriamkaulbarsch.de/ / http://www.filmundfaden.de/
  23. Nadine http://butfirstcreate.com/
  24. Sarah http://www.filmundfaden.de/
  25. Tabea https://tabeastudt.blogspot.ch/
  26. Verena http://flying-thoughts.de/
  27. Vita http://vitacorio.com/

© janavar

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