Fall Bucket List – 20 Things to Do This Fall

Happy Beginning of Fall!

Today is the automnal equinox and from now on the days become shorter and shorter (FYI: I checked the times for New York City and the actual equinox here seems to be on Thursday whereas today the day is still eight minutes longer than the night). I am excited for the next three months. Not only will we have fall vacation in three weeks and go to Europe, but I always find this season especially enjoyable in the U.S. First there is all the beautiful foliage. Then all the farms invite visitors for apple picking and pumpkin purchases while people actually go there to enjoy freshly made apple cider. Speaking of pumpkins: there is of course Halloween and this year I shall finally carve a pumpkin for the first time in my life. I also already have a great costume idea, but we still need to find a fun Halloween party. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving. It looks like we will host it this year and my boyfriend’s family will come and visit us. We are contemplating right now which play or musical we should all see together. Also, my boyfriend and I already bought tickets for the opera “La Bohème” and might go and see other operas, too, because the Metropolitan Opera stages some amazing works this season.

In general I can’t wait to experience my first fall living in the City. I hope to take many walks through Central Park, to jump into heaps of foliage there and finally rent a rowing boat. There are so many museums here that I want to visit on rainy days. The MoMA for instance reopens on 21 October after almost five months of renovations. I have also written a list in my notebook of what museum offers free or discounted entry on what evening of the week. I neither wouldn’t mind getting to know more people and hopefully even making friends. I might try joining a book club since I enjoy reading so much.

If you still need a few ideas what to do this fall, you hopefully get inspired by my fall bucket list:

Fall Bucket List - 20 Things to Do This Fall | janavar

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