Outfit: Light Colors in Late Summer

So much for me posting my fall bucket list on Monday – the weather tells us very clearly that it is still summer in New York City.

And yes, I am normally talented in complaining about the weather. Too hot, too cold, too humid, too windy … In July for example I felt it was just way too hot and humid for me to be active at all. I also was way too tired and lazy to like the weather and become active. This all changed with the start of September. Suddenly we have had the greatest summer weather on most days. It is warm, but not hot; cool, but not cold; and definitely not humid anymore. I finally enjoy walking outside and even at home we don’t need to run our A.C. around the clock anymore. There just isn’t anything about the weather for me to complain about. Really, nothing at all.

Outfit: Light Colors in Late Summer | janavar

Even my style varies more. As in I don’t wear only the same three or four sweat absorbing summer dresses. These Indian summer days have the ideal weather. I can wear long and short clothes. It is dry so that I can opt for whites and light colors. I found those pink Kate Spade espadrilles in the summer clearance sale and simply love them. They are so comfortable and pretty. And as the weather is so un-complain-able, I get to wear them a lot.

Outfit: Light Colors in Late Summer | janavar

I really hope the weather remains as it is for many more weeks. One of the many reasons why I prefer New York City to Boston is the climate. Seriously, I just had to survive seven months of winter. Whereas in New York spring starts several weeks earlier and winter several weeks later than in Massachusetts. I like having seasons, but I really wouldn’t mind if summer stayed a little longer this year.

Outfit: Light Colors in Late Summer | janavar

blouse: Philosophy, old (similar*)
jeans: Primark (similar*)
shoes: Kate Spade*
handbag: Marc Jacobs, old (similar*)
earrings: Zara, old (similar*)
wristband: Kollectin

Outfit: Light Colors in Late Summer | janavar

These late summer days are absolutely perfect for:

  • taking a walk through and sitting in the parks (my favorite ones being Briant Park and Central Park) without being bitten by horseflies;
  • taking a ferry across the East River;
  • visiting food market Smorgasborg on Saturdays in Williamsburg;
  • eating lots of ice-cream without it immediately melting (Morgenstern’s is my absolute favorite here so far);
  • running along the East River instead of on a treadmill in the gym;
  • strolling through street festivals, e.g. in Queens;
  • sometimes just staying inside and not feeling bad about it (this also makes Canavar incredibly happy).

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