New York City’s First Snowstorm in Winter 2020-21

The first snow storm of the season is over and New York City is even more beautiful than before. It was all covered in snow although much of it has now been plowed. But the rooftops and parks are still white and all other spots where cars don’t drive constantly. Apparently this one Northeaster brought more snow to us than we got during all of last winter. Well, I love it!* I already had the experience of the City during a blizzard in early 2016 [here] and it is always stunning. On Wednesday afternoon I persuaded Rich to take a walk to the Rockefeller Christmas tree just after it had started to snow. In the evening we just walked around the block because snowfall had increased. Unfortunately, they had also locked our rooftop because of the storm. Anyways, we returned from both our walks looking like snowmen as the snow stuck to our coats so well.

When we woke up yesterday morning, it was still snowing. I couldn’t wait to dress warmly and venture into the white Manhattan. I ended up taking a 5 hour long walk. From home to the Rockefeller Center, up on 5th Avenue to Central Park. Being the curious person I am, I even climbed the rocks close to the southeastern entrance to see the Gapstow Bridge and the Pond from above. Luckily it is almost easier to get on top of the rocks when there is a lot of snow because it evens out all the grooves. I spent quite a bit of time in the pretty park before I eventually got so cold that I took a break inside the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. I also bought a hot coffee, but since indoor dining is prohibited once more in the City it didn’t warm me as well as I had hoped. The problem with sipping a coffee outside is that I had to take down my face mask. And let me tell you that face masks do not only protect us from Coronavirus, but also from the freezing cold and snowstorms. So with the coffee in my hands I walked down to Times Square. At that time the snowstorm stopped and the sun came out. After a short stop in Bryant Park I went home because I 1) was freezing and 2) had two wet feet. Oh, and I was hungry. Walking around for 5 hours has that effect.


I this time cut a short video about parts of my walk. – If you follow me on Instagram you might already know it. If you don’t, enjoy New York City covered in snow here:

* I mean for another day or two. Then I’ll just feel cold. The next day after that I’ll want summer.

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