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I remember a friend from university who always used a foundation and a blush stick from Schlecker, a German drugstore that has long since been closed down. Although I found the sticks convenient, I always preferred using other, non-stick products. But a few months ago, I got one of the new Clinique foundation sticks as a gift for ordering at Sephora, and so I came to realize that those sticks are indeed very convenient and also have great quality. I have started to take my makeup sticks with me when traveling. Especially when you fly in the US, you usually travel with hand luggage only, and besides the fact that the sticks hardly ever break, they aren’t liquid. So I don’t violate any laws.

Right now my favorite makeup sticks are these (from left to right):

  1. Bite Beauty High pigment pencil in Rhubarb, $ 24: I love the rather matte color, which lasts very long
  2. Nyx Lip primer, $ 7: I felt like I needed a lip primer, well …, you probably don’t exactly need one. But it feels nice on the lips.
  3. Marc Jacobs Beauty Fineliner ultra-skinny gel eye crayon eyeliner, $ 24 (mine is a small sample): After I had finally figured out where the really skinny gel tip came out, I could use it – and the liner draws an amazingly thin line.
  4. Clinique Chubby stick shadow tint for eyes in Lavish lilac, $ 17: The color is subtle, and great for vacation when it slowly and evenly fades during the day.
  5. Gosh Eyeshadow base waterproof in 001 Matt (pulled from the stores?): I love that primer because it really makes my eyeshadows last for the whole day. And I also prefer the stick in comparison to primers in small jars which I would dab my fingers in every day.
  6. Primark P.S. Blush duo, ca. $ 3.50: Best value for money. The stick contains both a blush and a highlighter. The colors are easy to apply.
  7. Clinique Chubby in the nude in Intense ivory, $ 24 (mine is a small sample): The color fits my pale skin perfectly. The makeup covers my blemishes. What more could I want?

Above: in daylight; below: artificial light

I recently also bought three eyeshadow sticks from Kiko, but haven’t tried them enough yet. But so far they also look promising. What’s more, I find it interesting that in beauty (as well as in fashion) products seem to become reinvented every few years. Makeup sticks definitely existed about ten years ago, but after that nobody seems to have used them much up until now, or have you?

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  1. Bis vor Kurzem konnte ich Deinen Beiträgen folgen und fand sie immer sehr interessant. Man konnte eine ganze Menge lernen!
    Die letzten Texte sind aber alle nur noch englisch. Damit verstehe ich leider nur noch sehr wenig, Schade!


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