Another Weekend in New York City

In my last post I shouldn’t have been too hopeful for not having to adult too much anymore for the rest of the year. Or in other words: my car gave up yesterday morning. I had just started it, drove around the first corner, and the engine switched off – while driving. I couldn’t restart or even lock the car with the key remote. I had to manually lock it, stand in the street at minus degrees (Celsius), and order an Uber to take my to work. At least I did have enough time to roll to the right side, where there was still resident street parking. In the afternoon my car started without problems and I could take it to the garage. After explaining the problem and they being a little shocked that no warning light was on, I could leave the car with them. Once they have checked it and found the problem, they will call me and tell me how much a repair would be. Oh happy days! At least I slowly learn all the fine parts a car is made off and what they are responsible for (I learned about the existence of the camshaft sensor only this summer).

Once I got home yesterday, I decided to not only go to New York City for a workshop tomorrow I registered for, but for the whole long weekend. It is Veteran’s Day, and thus I decided to approach the long weekend in a more relaxed way. I took an almost early bus to the Big Apple (10 a.m.), which I am still sitting in. That gives me half of the day in the big city. Then I am going to attend the workshop tomorrow. After that I am going to stay another night and only take a bus back to Boston at some point on Sunday. No rush. Otherwise only my hair turns grey and my skin wrinkly. And after the car repair, I most definitely cannot afford Botox.

I don’t really have plans yet what I’ll do. Maybe I’ll just stroll around, take a walk in Central Park. Maybe I’ll go to the MET because I haven’t been there in a long time. Or I’ll sit in Simit Sarayi on 5th Avenue and sip Turkish tea. I simply don’t know and it feels good. That is the great part about being an adult. I can spontaneously decide to spend a whole weekend in New York City – and all choices are mine. And I guess the garage will call me next week.

The photos are from the last weekend I stayed in New York City, in October. But I am definitely going to take more.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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