10 Wonderful Things on this Vacation

After spending almost two days in the area of the Grand Canyon South Rim, we drove on north to South Utah. Since this vacation is utterly wonderful, I want to share ten things that I especially liked so far.

  1. We saw the Grand Canyon covered in snow, which, according to locals, is a very rare sight.
  2. The outdoor hot tub in our hotel in Tusayan at Grand Canyon was amazing. It was so hot that we didn’t mind running through the cold to get there.
  3. Despite the cold, we also found nice sunny spots to eat picnics outside.
  4. Just to see the Grand Canyon is a majestic feeling. We walked around the South Rim for a whole day, went a tiny bit down, and even watched the sunset there.
  5. It is so much fun to drive on almost empty roads for hours and to stop whenever we want to.
  6. We compared bison and beef jerky. They are both very delicious actually.
  7. We walked in a gorge that didn’t have any water at that time. It is so pretty to see all those different layers of rocks.
  8. There was a cute group of four taxidermied raccoons in a restaurant in Kanab – I love raccoons.
  9. We saw so many different landscapes: canyons, cliffs, mountains, forests, deserts … it is amazing how much there is to see in this region.
  10. Vacation with my boyfriend. So perfect.

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