Weeks in review: 7 – 20 October 2019

I don’t think I ever made use of a one week vacation as much as of the one last week. We left New York City right after work on the Friday before to take a red-eye flight to Paris. There, we visited friends and explored a bit of the city walking. The following early Monday morning we continued our trip and flew to Hamburg. My dad picked us up from the airport and off we went to my tiny home village in the middle of nowhere. The weather was mostly great so that I could spend a whole afternoon with my mom outside in the sun (while my boyfriend and my dad went on a bike tour), and we also got to go to the beach in Warnemünde. On Friday we took the ferry from Rostock to Gedser and continued by bus and train to Copenhagen where we met another acquaintance and also explored the city on foot.

We only returned home last night. And let me tell you – I can’t remember the last time I was this tired. The cat was so happy that we are back that he wouldn’t leave me alone all night long and constantly asked for more cuddling. I then woke properly up at 4 a.m. Since I have schlepped through this Monday and have been extremely tired for the last nine hours. The only reason why I am fighting to go to bed is that I want to leave this jet lag behind me as fast as possible. At least the cat is excited for me to be still awake at 9 p.m.

The vacation was totally worth my jet lag though. Three countries in nine days. Three flights and a ferry ride. Two beautiful and exciting cities. Pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. My family.  German Christmas chocolates. A golden October. Cheap beer. A free sightseeing walking tour through Copenhagen. Döner. A visit to the world’s second oldest amusement park, Tivoli, right in the center of the Danish capital. A million little moments that have already turned into precious memories.

|Watched| Raising Dion, Yogi Bear, The Hobbit
|Read| The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo #4)*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| Bad on Paper Podcast, Tocotronic, my favorite German radio station N-Joy
|Done| worked, packed my suitcase, flew to Paris, visited my family in Northern Germany, walked along the beach in Warnemünde, took the ferry to Copenhagen and spent the weekend there before flying back home
|Eaten| burger, pasta, salads, southern French duck, döner, Czech roast pork, Danish hotdogs, lots of European pastries and cake
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, mulled wine
|Thought| Europe is so different from the U.S. and that is not a bad thing.
|Been happy| when I booked the same cat sitter we had in summer and she called Canavar “a sweetheart”, and then plenty of other times 🙂
|Laughed| when we played Ludo with my parents
|Desired| Can we move to Europe for a bit?
|Bought| a few more gifts for my family; The Tyrant’s Tomb (The Trials of Apollo #4)*; some souvenirs like magnets and a hoody from my hometown, entry tickets to places like Tivoli
|Clicked| To be honest, I was hardly online and that felt good, too.

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