Weeks in review: 5 – 18 August 2019

The last two weeks were wonderful – we spent the first of these at the EJC in England and this week I enjoyed being at home. I finally feel properly relaxed. When I had a first call about work a few days ago, I felt how I was slowly getting warmed up. But for now I still have another eight days of vacation.

Unfortunately, my old laptop basically died in my hands this week. I mean it had died for more than a year, but I had always hoped for the best and delayed the larger purchase. Last summer I even undertook some surgery and put a new battery in it. But now that new battery died, too, and the laptop crashed every few minutes. Although that laptop was so cheap when I bought it four years ago that I am actually very happy that it worked that long. And even if I could be fine without a proper laptop for a while as I have my phone and my tablet, I really need one for work. And preferably one that doesn’t need a plug at all times and takes fifteen minutes to hopefully start. So I did about three days of research before I settled for one laptop. (This is also how I figured out that I am more and more resembling my dad.) I learned that the kind of laptop I wanted was also a different price category than my old one. The good news though is that pretty much all stores have a sale for computers going on right now. And so I eventually bought my new laptop, another Asus one, that has a touch screen, can also be used as a tablet and (hopefully) has a stronger battery. It is a pretty cool device I must admit. The cat is thrilled about the smart pen and tries to chase it from me every now and then.

The great news is I have a splendid new laptop now. It works fast and I think I might even be able to use it as a (giant) tablet to read books during my commute when I start work in eight days. And so I feel like I have even started to prepare a tiny bit for work already.

Weeks in review: 5 - 18 August 2019 Weeks in review: 5 - 18 August 2019 Weeks in review: 5 - 18 August 2019Weeks in review: 5 - 18 August 2019

|Watched| Gilmore Girls, Tolkien, Lava, Halston
|Read| Ptolemy’s Gate*, Sour Heart*
|Listened to| Bad on Paper Podcast
|Done| attended EJC 2019, went on day trips to Cambridge and Newark-on-Trent, returned home and fell back into my vacation routine, went to a party at a lake in New Jersey
|Eaten| high tea, English breakfast, pasta, pizza, meat pies, salads, chili, Buchteln
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, cider, white wine, hot chocolate, tea
|Thought| NYC has a pleasant climate in general
|Been happy| on vacation and then when we came home and Canavar was all well and cuddly
|Laughed| so much at the EJC because many performances had a comical element
|Desired| a new laptop, (even more) time with both my boyfriend and my cat
|Bought| a beginner’s poi set, glow poi, a new laptop
|Clicked| I found many reading tips here: Read More Female Authors—Starting With These 7

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