Week in review: 9 – 15 January 2017

I am a huge fan of long weekends. This one day more makes such a big difference for me because it gives me much extra time. I sleep in every day and start slowly. Yesterday morning I had my first coffee while still lying in bed. And my second coffee shortly afterwards in Boston’s Public Market – together with a “maple glazed bacon donut”. This was my first ever sweet donut with pieces of bacon on top, and it was so delicious. Big love! The whole day yesterday revolved around food. I had a long list of things I wanted to buy. After the weekly market I also went to Trader Joe’s. Since I buy all my vegetables and fruits on the market, and my bread and cheese etc. in the middle eastern shop there, I hardly ever enter a supermarket. So going to Trader Joe’s was like a special treat, and I walked through every aisle to get an overview. Of course I ended up buying way more than I had intended. Winter could come and bring some blizzards, I wouldn’t starve. The upside is that I cook many of my favorite dishes, which also makes me happy. I am definitely really good when it comes to a healthy diet this January. Oh, well, let’s not count the bacon donut. Or the pecan pie I am planning to make tomorrow. I better go to sleep soon because my memory doesn’t seem rested enough.


|Watched| Lotta & die großen Erwartungen, Lotta & die frohe Zukunft, Lotta & das ewige Warum, Lotta & der dicke Brocken, Golden Globes, Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever
|Read| The Man in the High Castle, Time Magazine, Vogue, The Bastard of Istanbul
|Listened to| pop music
|Done| worked, enjoyed the weekend by going food-shopping and taking a walk on the beach
|Eaten| tomato soup, lots of salad and fish, baklava, bacon donut, fish soup, shakshuka
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea
|Thought| This is rather spring than winter, which doesn’t even feel normal.
|Been happy| it had taken me weeks, but I finally figured out how to pay off my credit card that I have at a bank where I don’t have a bank account
|Laughed| I think so, but can’t remember right now 😉
|Desired| affordable one-bed-apartments in Boston, but they don’t exist, meh
|Bought| shoes, loads of decoration for my room
|Clicked| this [here] post on “How living abroad can change your perspective on life” because I can relate to most points; this German post [here] on “Stadttauben sind unsere Straßentiere” – a report on why so many pigeons live in our cities and what we can do to help them; these sweet potato toasts [here] seem to be the latest trend, and I really want to try them because I love sweet potatoes anyway

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