Week in review: 8 – 14 November 2021

My absolute highlight this week was “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” at the MET Opera. Granted, the opera plus two intermissions took 6 hours – but I enjoyed the experience enormously. My German and music teacher from 7th to 11th grade had told us about that opera and apparently that got stuck somewhere in my head. So when I learned that the MET Opera would stage it, I eagerly bought myself a ticket. The performance was amazing and I loved it a lot. Except for the last scene when Wagner had apparently felt like giving us a lecture on what ze good German should be like. But what an accomplishment for a full orchestra to play for ca. 4.5 hours and for the opera singers to perform!

Unfortunately, going out that one night also made me realize how long it takes me to recover nowadays: almost 3 days. That was the not so fun part. And I hadn’t even drunk any alcohol! Sometimes I feel I must be the whiniest pregnant woman ever. To me it feels like my belly is constantly in the way and everything is just uncomfortable. Then again, my friend tells me that my belly is already way bigger than hers was at this stage of her pregnancy. So maybe our girl just decided to grow big a little earlier. At this point we can even watch her turning and kicking because my skin moves and my belly contorts. At least we have already made it to the end of the 7th month.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Great British Baking Show, Eternals, Invincible; opera: “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg”

|Read| Dune, How to Marry Keanu Reeves in 90 Days

|Listened to| the new Taylor Swift album, some Spotify play lists

|Done| continued my training on Coursera, took a long walk through Central Park to enjoy the peak foliage, went to see “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” at the MET Opera and then had to recover several days from my long night out

|Eaten| pizza, Weckmänner, pumpkin risotto, potatoes with spinach and bratwurst

|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal tea, hot chocolate

|Thought| I hate USCIS

|Been happy| that Rich didn’t have to work much on Thursday because of Veteran’s Day

|Laughed| with Rich constantly: about the cats, about the baby moving, about us…

|Desired| less physical discomfort, a winter coat that fits because it has become quite cold

|Bought| quite a few things: I ordered from the Sephora sale and went to a sample sale, I also ordered a winter coat hoping it might fit, a new nazar boncuk necklace, oh and “some” (6 liters) of my favorite olive oil because there was a special offer

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|Clicked| my old favorite topic – teachers or rather the lack thereof in the U.S.: Substitute Teachers Never Got Much Respect, but Now They Are in Demand; I can’t wait for “And Just Like That” and enjoyed this interview in Vogue: And Just Like That…Carrie’s Back! Sarah Jessica Parker Opens Up About a Grand Return

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