Free Printable New York City 2022 Calendar

Something new this year: A free printable New York City 2022 Calendar for you.

Every year I take several thousand photos. While I share a few with you on my blog and social media like Instagram, many never get published. So I thought I’d create a little freebee, namely a 2022 wall calendar for you to print at home with some of my favorite New York City photos. You can either print it with your printer at home or order a print online. The maximum size for good quality photos is 28 x 22 cm (or 11 x 8.5 in).

We are slowly approaching the end of 2021 and it was the second year that I did not get to travel as much as I wanted (thank you Covid, thank you no travel permit). At least I am lucky enough to live in thrilling New York City. Creating the calendar felt a bit like going on a journey. If not to different places, at least in time. There are the cold, but fun NYC winters; beautiful springtime with the magnolia blossoming; hot, but long summer evenings; fall with its colorful foliage; and with NYC’s magical Christmas season we reach winter once more.

I hope you enjoy this New York City 2022 calendar and that in 2022 we all get to travel more again.

Free Printable New York City 2022 Calendar | janavar

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Here is an overview of all 12 photos:

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Once more, here is the link to your free printable New York City 2022 calendar.

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