Week in review: 7- 13 November 2016

Yesterday I went with two friends to New Hampshire to go shopping because they don’t have any sales tax there. In the outlet we went to they had already put up the Christmas decorations and played all the famous Christmas pop songs. The atmosphere really calmed me – I mean shopping does that, too, but to my mind it is even greater to walk through the cold, sip on a hot coffee and listen to many of my favorite Christmas songs. They just create some kind of magic, esp. since so far nothing else is decorated here for Christmas season yet. Everybody is preparing for the Thanksgiving holidays in the week after next. I also haven’t decorated anything because my family traditionally does that only after Sunday of the Dead (a German holiday on the Sunday before Advent). Neither have I tried any of my Christmas chocolates which I bought last week.

But when I got home last night – carrying two heavy bottles of eggnog on top of all the other things (mainly clothes) I bought -, I watched “Love Actually” on DVD. Totally acceptable since the story in the movie also starts six weeks before Christmas. Also it is my favorite Christmas movie of all. It is reassuring to know that so many things can happen in six weeks; that there is so much magic during this time of the year. I don’t even know yet where I am going to spend my Christmas holidays. Maybe I’ll just lie in bed with the cat, watch movies, and sip eggnog. Maybe I’ll join one of friend’s and her family. I have no idea. But then again there are still six weeks to go and so much can happen.

|Watched| Divorce, Younger, Dragon Hunters, Legally Blonde, Love Actually, Fish Tales
|Read| The Forty Rules of Love, Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor
|Listened to| the news, Christmas songs, KAIND, AnnenMayKantereit
|Done| worked, paid a visit to my hairdresser, went shopping with friends in New Hampshire
|Eaten| mac’n’cheese, Chinese takeaway, shakshuka
|Drunk| water, coffee
|Thought| The world is going mad.
|Been happy| with my new haircut
|Laughed| there wasn’t so much to laugh about this week tbh
|Desired| another next US president
|Bought| return flight to Las Vegas, way too many things in the outlet in NH
|Clicked| Inka’s report on how she went swimming in the – 2°C cold Weddell Sea, Dawn Nicole’s great blogging tools

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