Week in review: 5 December – 11 December 2016

This one has been a very long week. I am glad that it is only another five days until Christmas break. 4 1/2 days strictly speaking because we finish work early on Friday. That is something to look forward to because I need a break and many days to sleep in. I can’t wait to spend days on the sofa with Canavar and watching TV and taking naps. My roommate will be gone so I even have the apartment to myself. Probably I’ll also lie in the bathtub for hours. I won’t be totally lazy though because next Saturday I’m already on my way to Las Vegas. I can’t wait to see that crazy city, although I don’t really have a clue what to expect. Not long anymore until I find out …

|Watched| TED talks, Autumn in New York
|Read| The Single Girl’s To-Do-List, I heart New York, I heart Las Vegas
|Listened to| Christmas songs
|Done| gone to the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker, worked more than usually, had a girls night out on Saturday
|Eaten| Thai, pizza, risotto, burrito, American breakfast
|Drunk| water, herbal tea, coffee, cocktails
|Thought| I am a catastrophe when it comes to shopping: I went to downtown to look for Christmas presents, but came home with clothes for myself.
|Been happy| when we danced the Saturday night away
|Laughed| a lot
|Desired| vacation – well, only 5 days to go now
|Bought| a pair of shoes, two party dresses
|Clicked| event websites for Las Vegas

© janavar

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