Week in review: 5 – 11 February 2018

Yesterday evening I went to the movies with a friend to watch “The Post”. I hadn’t given that movie much thought before and was therefore very positively surprised: “The Post is a 2017 American historical drama political thriller film […]. It stars Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee […]. Set in the early 1970s, The Post depicts the true story of The Washington Post journalists and their attempts to publish the Pentagon Papers, classified documents regarding the 30-year involvement of the United States government in the Vietnam War.” (source: Wikipedia)

I liked how a strong woman has to assert herself as head of the newspaper and how that newspaper, i.e. the Post has to decide what good journalism means. People around us were applauding several times because not only does the movie depict an utterly interesting real story from the past, but it also reminds us how prevailing the topics are. Women are still fighting to be treated as equal; newspapers are still fighting to publish the truth; politicians are still fighting to silence media. These days, the U.S. president defends men who have been accused of hurting women and he also asks for a military parade. It sometimes seems as if not that much has changed for the last forty something years …


|Watched| The Post
|Read| Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, NY Times
|Listened to| Teoman, whatever Alexa chose for and played to me
|Done| worked, played a board game with friends most of Saturday, went to a baby shower on Sunday
|Eaten| breakfast burrito, pasta, pizza, brownies, sugar cookies, mac’n’cheese
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate
|Thought| This both makes sense and doesn’t make sense. It’s so 2018.
|Been happy| Do you know that feeling when you make a new friend? I met a new friend twice this week and had great fun.
|Laughed| on Friday my colleague brought her golden retriever to work – and I was allowed to dogsit for a few minutes
|Desired| I couldn’t forget about that pink sequined dress that I had seen last weekend …
|Bought| … and then it was on sale for one day. So I ordered it.
|Clicked| more for work

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