Week in review: 4 – 10 October 2021

I have had the best week in a long time. From last weekend until Thursday I explored Vermont with all its beautiful fall foliage. Every day I drove to different little towns and sights and drifted. I walked through forests. I visited the maple syrup museum. I visited several farms and enjoyed their fresh products. I took the lift up Killington Peak. I sat in little cafes and enjoyed many maple lattes. I strolled through little towns and their cute stores. And I took a few thousand photos because I finally found the time and leisure to play with my DSLR camera.

When I returned home on Thursday evening, we had to unload the car. It was full from a recent trip to Ikea (my closet is now 3/4 finished) plus I had paid a grocery trip to Aldi on my way back. We surely won’t starve for several weeks. On Friday we took the car to leave the City once more. Namely we went camping for one night at the Hudson River. Another great experience. So right now I am highly content and hope to keep this positive energy for a while.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Great British Baking Show, October Kiss

|Read| Dunstkreise, Zornesbrut, Sippenverfall, Todesgruft, Bitteres Erbe, Lodernde Wut, Dünennebel

|Listened to| AnnenMayKantereit, a few old road trip playlists

|Done| traveled through Vermont until Thursday, went camping with Rich from Friday to Saturday, enjoyed a very quiet Sunday at home

|Eaten| maple sugar pancakes, apple cider donuts, sandwiches, noodle soup

|Drunk| water, maple latte, coffee, peppermint tea

|Thought| Vermont is such a relaxing place

|Been happy| because it was basically a week of vacation

|Laughed| when we tried to set up our tent in the dark on Friday

|Desired| a few Halloween things:

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|Bought| maple syrup, local Vermont cheese, a few cute baby rompers, groceries on my way back (since I passed Aldi directly)

|Clicked| I love most The Ordinary products and now I really want to try the NIOD ones: Deciem · NIOD Skincare; these cupcakes are the cutest: Black Cat Pumpkin Cupcakes;nothing makes me angrier than reading how much this country trails behind others (while I am not allowed to work and thus can’t make any money): How Other Nations Pay for Child Care. The U.S. Is an Outlier.

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