Our Best Fall Decorations at Home

One of the best things about living in a new apartment (and even better: we own it) is that my motivation to decorate it is very high. Of course, I also have the time and brain capacity to do so this year. Especially when it comes to our fall decorations. Fall is the first season that we get to fully enjoy in this wonderful apartment. Even more now that we have purchased most of the furniture we had wanted and most of our boxes are unpacked.

In general I try to mix decorations we already have with a few new pieces. That way it is more sustainable. Plus I am a person who delights in the same things every year again. I love routines, even when they are seasonal.

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Fall Decorations in Our Entrance

When we went apple picking, they also sold Indian corn. We bought three knobs, tied them together and put them on our front door. The natural colors are quite pretty, esp. in our not so inviting hallways.

Right next to our front door, we have a small console table. I decorated it this fall with a mix of pictures, candles and little pumpkins. Some of the pumpkins are actually edible. Once we have eaten them, I replace them with fresh ones from our weekly farmers’ market.

I love Bath & Body Works candles so I put two fall ones there. They look pretty and smell amazing. Additionally, they are yet another material in the mix of decorations. I also like the little pictures, the harvest one just as much as the chart of mushrooms.

As we have plenty of closet doors (and closets), I put the little sign post on one of them. Just to add a bit more color and to create that fall feeling we were craving.

Fall Decorations on Our Dining Table

We are so happy that we finally have a big dining table. It easily sits six people, but is even extendable. Right now it is just the two of us eating there usually, but I am sure that eventually we will host dinners again. For fall I got out the table cloth that I found at a flea market in Europe years ago. The apple print is the cutest.

I recently added the two placemats as we tend to spill food every now and then. The other decorations are a few years old already. I particularly like the tea-light holder with its three little pumpkins.

The decorative pumpkins are also fun because they add a bit of structure to our dining table, but are not brightly colored. I put the small ones in a cookie tin almost every year. That also prevents the cats from playing with them.

I imagine that our fall decorations will become a lot more elaborate over the next few years, esp. when our little girl plays a part in helping to decorate. I also hope that we will create things out of natural products with her just like my parents did with me, like chestnut and acorn animals.

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