Week in review: 4 – 10 July 2022

This week was a week of many firsts for Josephine:

It started with her first 4th of July, which we dressed her up for. Only she missed the fireworks because she was fast asleep by then. Her usual bedtime is 7 p.m.

Second, she suddenly splashes water when taking a bath. She uses both her arms and feet and seems to have a lot of fun.

Speaking of water, we also took Josephine to the beach for the first time on Friday. We went to Brighton Beach in Brooklyn because we like it a lot and it is easy for us to get there by subway. While Josephine at first seemed a little doubtful when she experienced the cool Atlantic water, she liked it more and more the longer we were there. Now I can’t wait for her to experience the little lake in Maine when we go there in August. I am certain she will be so excited and love it because the water should be pretty warm there by then.

In her music class Josephine was excited to meet a girl of about her age. Over the last few weeks, she watched all the kids there around her. But this was the first time she showed an active interest in one kid in particular.

Then, she enjoys turning around more and more. She has been able to turn from her belly to her back for several months, and the other direction also for a while. But now she also enjoys more to lie on her belly for a longer period of time to look around. Sometimes she now uses her hands to play the keys of her play mat keyboard.

Also this week, we fed her solid food for the first time. We opted for very mushed bananas and she loved them, too.

I find it a little hard to cope with so many developmental changes at once in my baby. It definitely makes me very sentimental. While I enjoy watching Josephine developing, I wish she would slow down a little – so that I get to soak up even more memories.

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Ms. Marvel, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Marry me, Not since you

|Read| Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality, Like a Sister, The Red Pyramid

|Listened to| kids’ songs, Spotify summer playlists

|Done| on 4 July we took a walk downtown and watched the fireworks from our roof top, we went to Josephine’s music class, I worked a bit, I started knitting a baby sweater, I put all my pregnancy clothes away, I pickled eggs for the first time, we took Josephine to the Brighton Beach, we finally booked our flights to Germany, we fed Josephine solid food for the first time (mushed bananas)

|Eaten| hotdogs, pizza, strawberry and blueberry cake, Uzbeki dinner

|Drunk| water, coffee, Smirnoff Ice

|Thought| how does Josephine develop sooooooo fast???

|Been happy| fireworks, and Europe, we are going to Europe after 3 years!!!!!!!

|Laughed| about so many little things, like even Josephine laughing makes me laugh

|Desired| a new vacuum robot, after a lot of research one of these because they are all significantly cheaper on Amazon Prime Day:

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|Bought| food, a monstera plant, a new summer dress from a 2nd hand store, yarn for the baby sweater, baby feeding spoons

|Clicked| a great article on how and why democracy matters: One Small Step for Democracy in a ‘Live Free or Die’ Town; these look delicious: Blueberry White Chocolate Blondies

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