My July 2022 Goals

Wow, so the first half of the year has already passed. Summer is here and we try to enjoy it as much as possible. I feel that the “older” Josephine becomes, the harder it is for me to pursue certain goals. So many days, while being excellent, leave me exhausted. But I wouldn’t want it any other way. But for the time being and since it is summer, my goals are smaller:

My July 2022 Goals are:

  • take Josephine to a beach for the first time
  • make a DIY for Josephine
  • find a cat sitter for August
  • book our plane tickets to Germany
  • go away for at least one night
  • make ice cream at home again
  • give away 5 more things
  • sort my “stationary” drawer
  • research vacuum robots (our needs to be replaced)
  • spend more time on our roof deck
  • read at least two paper books
My July 2022 Goals | janavar
My July 2022 Goals | janavar

My June 2022 Goals were:

  • sort Josephine’s clothes better (by size and in boxes): yes, and I was so sad doing it because so many of her clothes are already too small
  • finish a small DIY for our wedding anniversary: I made a shadow box with a cotton flower
  • sit down at least once a week and plan tasks better
  • post in my Instagram feed every day
  • get 10 new (freelance) jobs
  • figure out a proper plan when to travel to Germany: we decided on one week in September
  • submit all the documents that are still missing for Josephine’s German birth certificate: that took so long, but we eventually got an appointment in the German Consulate and are now waiting for Germany to create the documents
  • publish at least 2 blog posts per week
  • give away at least 5 things via one of those no trash platforms
  • close my old German bank account
  • discuss renovation plans for our apartment in more detail
  • go swimming once a week: I wanted to, but then they closed the swimming pool for the whole summer because of a lack of lifeguards …

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