Week in review: 31 October – 6 November 2016

Halloween is past and everyone prepares for the Thanksgiving Holidays. While I enjoyed dressing up on Monday very much, something left a sour taste: I thought before that in order to get noticed in the US, you need to be really outgoing – which I am usually not. But when I walked in the street during the day wearing my costume, cars honked and then this really handsome guy started chatting to me at the bus stop. We took the same bus and continued talking. He asked if I was going to any Halloween party that night and told me of the one he was going to go to. Plus he gave me his card in case I wanted to get in touch and go to the party with him.

After I had got home, I seriously considered texting him. Since this whole country seems to date via apps only, it almost never happens that a handsome, intelligent and apparently nice guy approaches me in the street. It’s one of the things I miss very much about Turkey because there men just flirt with you in real life, without you having to download three different apps and texting to twenty guys simultaneously before maybe agreeing to meet one. Not to forget that most of them won’t believe that you actually look like in the photos you’ve uploaded – wtf – but which totally makes sense once you realize that the same men even lie about their height and pretend to be taller. Reasons enough for me not to use any of these apps (anymore). So real life on Monday … somehow my gut told me to be careful. Maybe it was because he seemed too good to be true, too silky. So I googled him and the second result was his wedding photo, taken less than a year ago. Like seriously?! I threw his card into the trash.

|Watched| Cats on Broadway; Divorce, Younger, Matrix, Matrix reloaded
|Read| The Forty Rules of Love, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
|Listened to| Cats
|Done| worked, went to NYC on Saturday
|Eaten| loads of sweets, salmon, Turkish breakfast, ramen
|Drunk| water, coffee, sahlep
|Thought| I should go to NYC so much more often
|Been happy| when I found the Turkish cafe chain “Güllüoglu” in Manhattan and had breakfast there
|Laughed| when my colleague turned up in an amazing shark costume for Halloween
|Desired| to live in Manhattan
|Bought| German Christmas foods at Aldi, accidentally two pairs of shoes in the shoe shop next to Aldi, bus ticket to NYC, “Cats” ticket, a pound of freshly made baklava
|Clicked| Secular public education under threat in Turkey (featuring the school I worked at in Istanbul)

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