Week in review: 30 September – 6 October 2019

On the weekend I felt especially lucky.

On Friday I went to a sample sale for the first time ever. I had read about Rent the Runway plenty of times and I am a little tempted by the idea of renting clothes every month – but then again, my closet(s) are quite full. Anyway, there was a sample sale a mere fifteen minute walk away from home and I went and it was amazing. Racks full of beautiful clothes, mostly dresses and tops for a fraction of their original price. They also sold handbags and jewelry. The little store was crowded because there were many women sifting through each and every rack to find the best fits. I ended up with two dresses and two tops. While I felt a little bad, all my bad conscience was lifted at the checkout when I got another %40 discount on everything. Let’s just say, I went back again on Sunday when they even gave %50 on everything … my fall wardrobe is ready and I can’t wait to present it! I feel much more Manhattanite now :-).

Because my boyfriend had another of his 24 hour work shifts on Sunday, I spontaneously played the Broadway Lottery on Saturday evening – and, as it happened, I won a discounted ticket to “Tootsie” for the Sunday afternoon show. “Tootsie” is one of those musicals I might else have never gone to see because I didn’t know enough about it. It turned out to be a great musical, extremely funny and entertaining. It is about an actor who always criticizes everything and everyone in his job. Eventually, nobody on Broadway wants to hire him anymore. So he reinvents himself as an actress and finds success. Until (s)he falls in love with a woman at work …

As all good things come in threes: I even managed to braid my hair into a French plait at first try and without problems. I have always been so bad at dressing my hair that it took until my mid-30s to succeed here.

|Watched| Gilmore Girls, Men in Black International, Tootsie – The Musical
|Read| Cheesecake and Confusion*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| Bad on Paper Podcast, Tocotronic
|Done| worked, went to eat pizza for charity with friends, went to a sample sale for the first time, took a walk to and through Central Park on Saturday
|Eaten| pretzel, weißwurst, kassler, red cabbage, pizza
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, white wine
|Thought| I love sample sales!
|Been happy| when I won a discounted ticket to “Tootsie” in the Broadway Lottery
|Laughed| We struggled to catch Canavar and trim his front paw claws, but he was sooooo fast in forgiving us.
|Desired| Trader Joe’s is going to sell a cat advent calendar this year and we definitely want it!
|Bought| six dresses and two tops at the Rent the Runway sample sale, an air purifier, a few Christmas presents as we fly to Europe next week
|Clicked| Canavar always sleeps on my legs or next to me: Letting Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed May Be Good for Your Health; I mean I obviously live in my favorite part of the City, but Grace has collected reasons why one might want to live in either part: Living in Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

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