Week in review: 30 May – 5 June 2022

We are already in full summer mode. The last week felt so short because there was Memorial Day on Monday and then we went away for the weekend already on Thursday. After all those months, my car actually and surprisingly just started without issues. I still cannot get my head around this. Like I anticipated the worst and then it just starts and drives …

That was great though because we immediately used it to visit Rich’s aunt and uncle in Connecticut on Monday. It is so much fun to introduce Josephine to new people (and vice versa) and see her so nicely interact with everyone.

And then we spent a long weekend in the Berkshires. Despite having lived in Boston for 4 years, this was my first time in the Berkshires, where we had rented an Airbnb (with a jacuzzi!) for Rich’s parents and us. I enjoyed that as well.

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Letzte Spur Berlin

|Read| The Sword of Summer

|Listened to| the baby talking, giggling and crying

|Done| on Memorial Day we restarted the car and visited Rich’s relatives in Connecticut, I looked after Josephine and got a bit of work done, on Thursday evening we went to the Berkshires to spend the weekend there with Rich’s parents, we had our second wedding anniversary

|Eaten| pizza, lentil rhubarb curry, bagels, pork chops, sandwiches

|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine

|Thought| vacation! It is so much fun to go on little trips with Josephine

|Been happy| when my car restarted without any issues, that we had such a relaxing and fun weekend

|Laughed| a lot because the baby and the cats are (almost) always doing something cute


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|Bought| only food

|Clicked| my blog didn’t work for over a day and I had to fix it

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