My Simple 5 Minute Makeup That Lasts All Day

Sometimes I am surprised to remember that I used to put makeup on every single day. Before 7 a.m. that was. Nowadays I am usually still out cold until 7 (I have one last slow-wave sleep phase after I feed Josephine around 4.30). And makeup … well, I love it. And I have a whole cabinet full of it. Plus half of our big bathroom closet.

Now that I get an excellent amount of sleep again, I am also back to using my makeup products more. I have two important requirements though:

  1. I need to put it on quickly, like in or under 5 minutes.
  2. I want it to last the whole day.
My Simple 5 Minute Makeup That Lasts All Day | janavar

Recently I have used almost exclusively these 10 products because they fulfill my requirements. It takes me less than 5 minutes to put on the full makeup plus it lasts until the evening.

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My Simple 5 Minute Makeup That Lasts All Day | janavar

I have used some products like the Erborian CC creme or the Wet’n’wild eyeshadow primer for years. Others are new: I received the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer blushes in Provence and Coastline as samples and I love them. I only need a tiny amount, the colors look very natural and I can blend them easily.

My latest favorite product are the Maybelline Vinyl Inks. They are applied like a gloss, but last through several meals and cuddle sessions with Josephine. Moreover, they never bleed or rub off. I bought two of them, but mostly use the color Cheeky because it is such a nice rose nude. I am super impressed with them and might have to get more colors.

My Simple 5 Minute Makeup That Lasts All Day | janavar

My 5 minute makeup definitely lasts the whole day. I mostly keep it simple and natural looking, which saves me a lot of time when applying the products. And while it is not the most important thing in the world, I enjoy using my beauty products regularly again. But only after 7 a.m., ha ha.

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