Week in review: 30 March – 5 April 2020

24th day at home. The last week had its ups and downs. It was the last week before spring break. That lifted the mood a bit. The weather became so nice that we even rode bikes through Central Park once. The whole City seems to blossom. I find it a little weird that I miss to be outside and enjoy this spring so much. If we had a normal year and all went to work, we would hardly have time to appreciate it the season.

The weekend then was a turning point moodwise. On Saturday afternoon Rich developed a fever. This has been followed by a cough. So no more walks outside. Instead he went to get tested for Coronavirus today. I also don’t feel excellent. Although it is a little hard to say if I am also getting sick or if my body just reacts to the fear and stress.

A few weeks ago I still imagined these days to be totally different. My parents were supposed to be here, so was Rich’s family. Today would have been our wedding. All of that has been postponed. Instead I will spend at least the next three weeks at home.

On the positive side, Rich and I have now already spent almost two weeks 24/7 and we are still talking to each other. It actually works much better than I had feared. Now that I am on vacation (haha), it is even easier to find a daily routine that consists mostly of: sleeping in, breakfast, some computer games, lunch, a nap, some TV, coffee and cake, some online time, dinner, more TV, going to bed rather early. I guess this is almost like the perfect vacation if only we had the freedom and health to also be outside.

|Watched| Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange; Unorthodox
|Read| The Longevity Diet*, Coconut Layer Cake Murder*, Ninth House*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| some good old German schlager music (i.e. Matthias Reim)
|Done| taught online from home, started into spring break with an online party with my colleagues, had a pretty shitty weekend
|Eaten| eggs in mustard sauce, risotto, cookies, maple butter porridge
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, beer
|Thought| Why???
|Been happy| so many times this week
|Laughed| we watched a lot of cute cat and dogs videos, also it has become one of our favorite activities to see how Canavar reacts to electronic/technological toys like a little battery-operated mouse or cat TV
|Desired| my old every day life (including the 3 hours of daily commute)
|Bought| two of my favorite The Ordinary serums are about to be empty within the next days so I ordered replenishments
|Clicked| planning to make these waffles soon (we might have just enough of the ingredients for one batch): The Famous Waffles; a highly interesting article about the U.S. American health system (yes, it is horrible, yes, it is too expensive, yes, it has me worried, too): How Coronavirus Has Me Feeling as a Traveler… and as an American; I love Turkish breakfast and esp. cilbir: Rezept: Cilbir pochierte Eier in Knoblauchjoghurt

© janavar

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  1. Hey Jana,

    hoffentlich werdet ihr schnell wieder gesund. Wir drücken euch ganz fest die Daumen. LG

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