Week in review: 3 – 9 September 2018

Of the last six weekends, I spent only two at home. One of them being this. While I was still a little active and social yesterday, e.g. we met friends for lunch and I accompanied my boyfriend to the train station, I needed a lazy, quiet Sunday today. A day for cuddling with the cat and taking almost as many naps as him. A day for only wearing leggings, a t-shirt and fluffy slippers. For playing a few computer games and for watching lots of movies while sipping hot tea. I actually took a walk outside because I felt it would do me good – and I needed to buy some jars for the applesauce I made later on. It was a lazy, but great Sunday because it recharged my energy levels. This following week is already packed with events I have to or/and want to attend. And although I am going to spend next weekend at home, I then have to pack my suitcase because on Sunday evening I am going on a two week long school trip to Germany.

It doesn’t feel like I spend much time in this apartment. I actually like the apartment a lot, only I don’t seem to make routines. I still haven’t unpacked my book boxes either, which have a safe spot in the basement. And today I stood in front of the fall/Christmas decoration box, but figured that I wouldn’t see the decorations right now anyways. So why even bother to set them up?! It doesn’t look like I’ll spend more time in Boston and at home any time soon. And I’m torn because on the one hand this is great because it means I travel much and also that my long distance relationship is working well. But on the other hand it would be nice to have a few more days like today where I can just snuggle up in a blanket and not do anything. Maybe the feeling will improve in October when I’ll spend more whole weeks here and when, at the same time, there won’t be as many evening events.

Week in review: 3 - 9 September 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 3 - 9 September 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 3 - 9 September 2018 | janavar.netWeek in review: 3 - 9 September 2018 | janavar.net

|Watched| Pretty Little Liars, Sense8, Harry Potter 1 – 7
|Read| nothing
|Listened to| I can’t remember anything in particular
|Done| spent Labor Day in Maine, returned to Boston by train, worked, spent more time with my boyfriend on Friday and Saturday, made applesauce
|Eaten| pancakes, pizza, tacos, pasta
|Drunk| water, white tea, beer, coffee
|Thought| it feels amazing now that it has cooled down – I even had to close my windows on Sunday
|Been happy| when my boyfriend picked me up from work on Friday
|Laughed| clumsy cat videos …
|Desired| the new Essie fall collection has some really nice colors …
|Bought| a few Mason jars
|Clicked| I feel that I know my way around Manhattan pretty well, but I don’t know Brooklyn well (yet): New York Travel Guide: Brooklyn, Williamsburg & Dumbo; I also find the latest Dior makeup collection pretty: Dior · Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge & Ink Lip Liner

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