Week in review: 3 – 16 June 2019

In two weeks I have to move out of current apartment. I think this year I am pretty good with packing as there are already plenty of full boxes standing around. Even my closet is almost packed – and that takes up most boxes (yeah, I really don’t know how that always happens …) All the furniture I had wanted to sell are gone, which leaves me a) sleeping on my sofa, b) sitting on my sofa to eat, and c) sitting on my sofa to work. Thank god I love my sofa. The cat I feel is not so amused that all his favorite pieces he loved to sleep on are gone. Unfortunately for him, I even already packed his fluffy cat cave and some of his toys. I have already rented a moving van and right now in two weeks (i.e. noon) I must have left the apartment because my contract tells me so.

In two weeks I would also like to move into another apartment. But we still haven’t heard much from our application. We had to correct a few documents. We are still waiting for a hopefully positive reply and an invitation to an interview. We first need a successful interview before we can even sign the contract. This all makes me extremely antsy. I find two weeks and apparently less very last-minute. Please keep your fingers crossed for us because I really really really would appreciate it if I could finish the whole move within that one weekend and then enjoy my much needed summer vacation.

|Watched| Life of Pets 2, Dark Phoenix, Die Kinder vom Alsterhof, Neues vom Süderhof
|Read| Hotzenplotz 3*
|Listened to| the radio; Roxette
|Done| worked, took my farewell from the graduates, packed moving boxes, went to a Sofar concert with friends
|Eaten| pasta, donuts, falafel, smoked pork chop
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, cider, white wine
|Thought| When will we ever find out if we get that apartment???
|Been happy| every time I tick something of my endlessly long to-do list
|Laughed| “Life of Pets 2” – very funny and I just love how the big cat always pushes things off tables and shelves
|Desired| Vacation. Urgently. And the apartment. Even more urgently.
|Bought| I booked a moving van and reserved street parking directly in front of my house; cinema tickets
|Clicked| I found this post about “How To Find An Apartment in NYC” quite soothing; whenever I move to NYC, I want to visit some of these: “Best Rooftop Bars in Brooklyn and New York City”; icecream comforts me when things don’t go the way I want them to so this recipe sounds simply amazing: “Milchreis Eis Rezept mit Kirschen ohne Eismaschine”

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