Week in review: 27 June – 3 July 2022

I wanted to write this blog post on Sunday evening – but then I bumped my head so hard on the edge of our ceiling beam that I took myself out. I really love our high ceilings and that part of our apartment is on a small second floor. That gives us extra space: so far Rich has had his desk there, but slowly we turn it into Josephine’s room. Last week we finally set up Josephine’s new baby bed because she is already too big for her newborn crib. The new bed is now upstairs. And when Josephine woke up on Sunday evening because her favorite ever thing of all things – her pacifier – had fallen out, I rushed upstairs to push it back in. Only, I didn’t because, while rushing, I hit my head on the sharp edge of that beam.

Rich first helped Josephine and then dealt with me. I got some Tylenol and a bag of frozen corn on my head. But I still got a big, painful bump. So yesterday Rich put a swim noodle on that edge to prevent further injuries. It looks a little funny, but is definitely the safer option.

Oh, and Josephine has been totally oblivious to the whole accident. Once she got her beloved pacifier back in her mouth, she just continued sleeping until the next morning.

By now my head feels much better again as long as I don’t touch the bump. And I try not to rush upstairs anymore, not even for the pacifier.

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Ms. Marvel, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

|Read| Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality, Darling Girl, Like a Sister

|Listened to| kids’ songs

|Done| we went to Josephine’s music class, I worked a bit, we painted and set up Josephine’s new baby bed, I colored my hair bright pink

|Eaten| sandwiches, pasta, German wurst, salads

|Drunk| water, coffee, wine, Smirnoff Ice

|Thought| Can we move somewhere else? Apparently the safest countries in the world are Iceland and New Zealand …

|Been happy| about another long weekend

|Laughed| when Josephine and the cats interact – it happens more and more

|Desired| a few fun summer clothes

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|Bought| food, hair dye

|Clicked| gained it, lost it immediately – my right to vote in NYC local elections: New York City’s Noncitizen Voting Law Is Struck Down; food inspiration: 12 Easy 4th of July Recipes You Can Whip Up in 30 Minutes or Less

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