Week in review: 27 July – 2 August 2020

I would have loved to write more about how great our vacation in Maine was and how I decided to stay a week longer. But on Sunday Canavar passed away and I am a little lost for now. So please bear with me for a bit.

|Watched| nothing at all
|Read| The New York Times, Wicked Never Sleeps, Betrayal High, Wicked Long Nights, Wicked State of Mind
|Listened to| the radio, Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”
|Done| spent the week in Maine and relaxed a lot
|Eaten| bagels, ribs, mac’n’cheese, my mango raspberry cobbler, saag paneer, ice cream, wedding cake
|Drunk| water, coffee, wine, Smirnoff Ice, beer, champagne
|Thought| The family house in Maine feels like my personal Bullerbü.
|Been happy| all week long, when Rich’s family surprised us with wedding cake and a little celebration
|Laughed| a lot
|Desired| to stay in Maine
|Bought| a few pairs of shorts, a sleeping bag
|Clicked| not much

© janavar

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