Week in review: 26 November – 2 December 2018

The last week wasn’t very exciting because I mainly spent it with working. I am still missing the weekend I didn’t have. I already can’t wait for Friday to arrive. Else, I started to re-read “Harry Potter” last week. I find it very calming to read the novels, and I still find new details in the books. Saying this, I am not sure if you all know what a huge Harry Potter fan I am. I first read the books when I was still in school and they were just about to become famous. When the last part was published, I was working in a summer school camp in the middle of nowhere in Ireland. I took a bike early in the morning to get my copy in the only store in the small town close by – the bike chain broke on the way back, but I was overjoyed to have my book.

By now I have read them all several times, I have watched all the movies (several times), also the Fantastic Beasts ones, I also own a vast collection of mugs, T-shirts, even slippers, a set of a Griffindor sweater, scarf and hat. I even play the Harry Potter game on my smartphone. Some might call this obsession, but the whole Harry Potter world makes me simply happy. Reading the books again now every evening let’s me unwind. Granted, most of the plot is set in a school, i.e. there are quite a few parallels to my work life, only that I don’t have the obvious magic around me. But now with Christmas approaching, maybe I will feel a little magic in the air.

|Watched| The final table
|Read| Digital disconnect*, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone*
|Listened to| Yüksek Sadakat, soundtrack of “Ask tesadüfleri sever”, some Christmas songs
|Done| worked from Monday to Saturday, oh and on Sunday from home
|Eaten| Mexican chicken, bibimbap, pizza
|Drunk| water, tea, coffee, margaritas, mulled wine
|Thought| I really need a proper weekend or vacation
|Been happy| when a big task was finished by Saturday
|Laughed| I actually didn’t have time to laugh (I think)
|Desired| a nice long break
|Bought| food
|Clicked| I totally relate to this: “Why I fell in love with the Middle East and why you should too”; if only I had a little more time, I’d love to try this DIY: “Baumschmuck selber machen: Papierkugeln mit handgeschriebenen Botschaften.

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