Week in review: 21 – 27 September 2020

1. It has been a week that didn’t go according to plan at all. I woke up with a cold on Monday morning. So instead of going to work, I walked to our closest Covid test center in city hospital Bellevue. A running nose is considered one of the symptoms that require a negative test result before I am allowed to enter our school building for work again. The test itself was short and I was soon back home. Everybody was completely surprised when I received the negative result after only 13 hours. They had told me it would take about 48 hours.

2. On Thursday I started my laptop at work and even though everything worked perfectly the night before, I suddenly don’t have any wifi anymore. I restart, deinstall and install drivers, do a hard reboot … nothing helps. In the end I order a wifi adapter and hope we can solve the issue in the future. The problem feels worse to me because recently my DSLR camera gave up and the store chain I bought it in is only in New England. So once we go there the next time, I can drop it off for repairs. Also, the finger sensor in my smartphone recently died … I am dreading a few expensive purchases within the next year.

3. Also from Thursday on something amazing happened: That day I applied for a change of out-of-state title for my car. Since the DMV in New York still doesn’t offer in person appointments for car registrations, I collected all documents and threw it into their mailbox. And let me tell you that I don’t know anyone who didn’t have to return at least three times because something is always missing. Tadaaa, on Saturday I already received my new license plates and all paperwork in the mail.

4. We will not adopt the kittens we visited last weekend. It turned out that one of them has a polyp in her ear and that surgery and other medical expenses will easily add up to several thousand dollars. That had us unfortunately refrain from pursuing this adoption. But they introduced us to another pair of kittens. Maybe those will be our future fur babies. Fingers crossed.

5. On Friday evening we ventured the whole long way (about 20 minutes) to Times Square because that is where the new Krispy Kreme flagship store opened a few weeks ago. Such a beautiful store where you can watch how the donuts are made and then choose between many different kinds. We simply had to buy a whole dozen – and eat them over the course of this weekend. So good! Sadly, this walk also had us realize that there are many people back in the streets, esp. around Times Square, that do not wear a mask at all or not properly. Even though the crowd isn’t back to what it used to be like a year ago, people still can’t keep a distance of 6 ft. anymore. I also realized that it gives me a bit of anxiety to be in a crowd where people constanly touch me, but don’t protect themselves (or rather me from them).

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Great British Baking Show, Jurassic Park 3
|Read| The New York Times, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Quintus geht nach Rom, Lord of the Rings
|Listened to| Duman, Teoman
|Done| worked, because of a runny nose I had to take a Covid test on Monday (which was negative) before I could return to work properly on Tuesday, finally registered my car in New York
|Eaten| sandwiches, donuts, berber
|Drunk| water, coffee, pumpkin beer
|Thought| I really really need a dose of Europe and travel there soon.
|Been happy| when my Covid test result came back negative – after only 13 hours
|Laughed| we looked at more kittens and videos of them (so that we can hopefull adopt a pair soon)
|Desired| is it too early to ask for 2021?
|Bought| a few somethings at TJMaxx (including the latest Half Baked Harvest cookbook and “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”), several adapters and screwdrivers to deal with my wifi-less laptop
|Clicked| I have always liked the Dior special editions just like this one: New! Dior Diorshow Fall Makeup Collection 2020; RBG’s death was another blow, but there are many things we can do (even those of us who can’t vote in the U.S.): Grieving RBG? Here’s What We Can Do Next; an accurate description how I also feel about the U.S. these days: ‘I Feel Sorry for Americans’: A Baffled World Watches the U.S.

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