Week in review: 20 March – 2 April 2017

To be fair not everything is bad. The last two weeks were divided in two sections. The first week was awesome, especially since I spent the weekend in warm and sunny Atlanta. I didn’t do much there, but relaxed. I didn’t have time to prepare for that weekend and thus didn’t know anything or what to expect – I was shocked in a very positive way at how beautiful Atlanta is. I definitely want to go there again and properly explore the city. The second week was absolutely neglectable. The only big question I have after six days at home: Is my ENT doctor blind or have my tonsils really gone missing? It was more than weird when my doctor claimed they must have been removed, but neither my parents nor I have any knowledge of any operation. This is definitely something I have to look into soon.

Besides, I am very much looking forward to the new week. My hearing is almost back to normal and I feel much better so that I can’t wait to work again and get tasks done. Of course, I’ve got a relatively short week ahead and there will be a thrill of anticipation in the air because spring break starts Friday afternoon. That evening I’m going to fly to the Dominican Republic. Gosh, and I haven’t even planned yet what to pack. I hope my shabby suitcase survives one more journey.

|Watched| GNTM, Vikings, Brooklyn, Dallas Buyers Club
|Read| The Other Einstein; New York Times; Time Magazine; Rich and Pretty; Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks; The Bookshop on the Corner
|Listened to| Jake Bugg, Prinz Pi, Philipp Poisel
|Done| worked, flew to Atlanta, fell ill
|Eaten| burger, fried chicken, pizza, lasagne, burrito
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, coke, wine, liters of tea
|Thought| the U.S. health system mostly sucks
|Been happy| last weekend in the sun
|Laughed| my ENT doctor was really funny
|Desired| spring
|Bought| medicine
|Clicked| I didn’t go online for most of the time – the best indicator of how sick I felt

© janavar

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3 thoughts on “Week in review: 20 March – 2 April 2017”

  1. Hallo Jana,

    das hört sich ja grauslig an. Ich wünsche dir ganz fix gute Besserung!!!

    Viel Spaß und genieße den Trip in die DomRep!

    Ohhhh, ein neues Bild von Canavar! Ich liebe es, solche Bilder zu sehen. Schön!

    LG Ivi

    1. Ich danke dir, liebe Ivi! Auf den Urlaub freue ich mich wirklich sehr – zumal es gerade in Strömen bei 5 Grad draußen regnet, bäh.

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