Week in review: 20 – 26 July 2020

Another vacation week and we are now up in Maine. That only took us 10 hours yesterday – mostly driving, but also a break in New Hampshire to buy groceries and alcohol (NH doesn’t have any sales tax!). Rich’s family owns an old inn here in the middle of nowhere in Maine and that’s where we are. Their ancestor built the house back in 17… something and while it is not used as an inn anymore, the family spends a lot of time here between late spring and fall. It is the perfect place esp. this year. Also the weather here is a little cooler and less humid than in the City. I kind of wish we could stay longer than a week (but Mr. Husband only gets one week of vacation at a time).

|Watched| Türkisch für Anfänger, Once Upon a Time, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Down to Earth with Zac Efron
|Read| The New York Times, Wicked Never Sleeps, Betrayal High
|Listened to| the radio
|Done| went to the DMV to finally exchange my Massachusetts for a New York driver’s license – that basically took me all Monday long, we went to the juggler club meeting in Bryant Park for the first time in forever on Tuesday, I then met my friend for breakfast outside on Wednesday, Thursday was laundry day, Friday packing day, and on Saturday we drove to Rich’s family’s homestead in Maine
|Eaten| pizza, avocado bread, spätzle with a mushroom and beefless ground beef sauce, bagels
|Drunk| water, coffee, wine
|Thought| I am going to miss Canavar, but he likes it better to stay at home
|Been happy| more vacation and it is a little cooler and thus more pleasant in Maine
|Laughed| about the kids of Rich’s cousins – they were so excited to meet me, but shy at the same time
|Desired| less traffic on our drive from New York to Maine
|Bought| I hired our cat sitter again so that Canavar gets a little visit every day that we are not at home, groceries and alcohol
|Clicked| a beautiful opinion article (esp. when you’re German): Which Country Will Triumph in the Post-Pandemic World? Hint: It’s not the United States or China.; is it too early to think about Halloween yet?: From Spooky Garlands to Gothic Candelabras, Target’s Halloween Collection is Here

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