Week in review: 20 – 26 January 2020

January always feels like the month where we try to change for the better. I am no exception. Besides all my resolutions, we discussed eating better and healthier. That is because we watched the documentary “The Game Changers” on Netflix during the week. What is interesting about this film promoting veganism is that is has a very different approach: It starts with famous sportspeople who are vegan. Since there are two people in this household who have put on a bit of weight over the last two years (I don’t know how, but the cat has kept his weight for years), giving up most animal products seems like something worth trying. We both agree that we will never be fully vegan or even vegetarian because there are certain dishes we just enjoy too much – but it is definitely worth trying to live with far less animal products. I already started eating coconut and cashew yogurts about two months ago. We both want to put milk alternatives into our coffees.

But we are also aware that the biggest step for us will be to keep new habits up. To cook more dishes with fresh ingredients at home. There are so many nights when we feel just to tired – and here in Midtown it is the easiest thing in the world to go out for dinner. Sometimes it already feels a little too normal to eat out. And when we are honest, we have to admit that portions are way bigger than what we might and should actually eat. Besides, eating out easily adds up when it comes to money.

We are going to try this at least. I mean we have also already managed to always take totes with us when grocery shopping and recently even cotton bags for fresh produce. Plus there are always all the meat alternatives (I was actually a little sad that the substitute ground meat was sold out today because I’d really like to try it). Let’s see how much we can change our eating habits and lifestyle.

|Watched| The Game Changers, Rise of Empires: Ottoman
|Read| Vorstadtkrokodile*, Brownies and Bloodshed*, Strawberries and Sweet Lies*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| some Goop podcasts, James Blunt, Turkish rock music
|Done| we spent the Monday in Upstate New York and returned to the City in the evening, I then worked for four days, on Saturday I went to a blogger meetup, on Sunday I met a friend for coffee
|Eaten| pizza, Turkish red lentil soup, salad, salmon and spinach
|Drunk| water, coffee, different teas
|Thought| I don’t know why January always has to feel so stressful for teachers
|Been happy| about the rather quiet weekend (cause I feel as if I might get sick, but my body hasn’t made a proper decision)
|Laughed| when Canavar jumped on the kitchen counter today and suddenly jumped into the air, hit my leg and raced away – we still don’t know what startled him so much
|Desired| a little more energy these days
|Bought| food supplements
|Clicked| I read this and also listened to the Goop podcast episode – and I can only wish to age as slowly as Norma Kamali: How to Be a (Very) Hot 74

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