Week in review: 20 – 26 December 2021

I hope you had a good Christmas 2021! We really enjoyed the celebrations this year – the last with just the two of us. I think a big part was that I had enough time to prepare everything and could then just relax. This was probably my least stressful Christmas as an adult. I had planned ahead enough so that all our grocery shopping was done by Wednesday and all food by Thursday.

By Sunday evening I was still knackered because I didn’t get my afternoon naps when we stayed with Rich’s family in Connecticut over the weekend. But celebrating Christmas in person with others, playing board games, and snacking constantly was amazing, too.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Witcher, Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas

|Read| The Island of Missing Trees; Aru Shah and the Song of Death

|Listened to| Christmas songs

|Done| went for another pregnancy check-up (they are every two weeks at the moment), made Christmas cookies and dinner, celebrated Christmas at home and with Rich’s family in Connecticut

|Eaten| Christmas cookies, sweets, cakes, dinners …; paella

|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal tea, orange juice, alcohol free wine

|Thought| phew, thank goodness, Rich loves his Christmas gift – a digital piano

|Been happy| when our PCR tests came back negative, that Christmas was so great this year

|Laughed| Arti and Lotti got catnip for Christmas and it is so funny when they go bonkers

|Desired| all the things from my Christmas 2021 wish list, of course:

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|Bought| food, one last Christmas gift for Rich

|Clicked| not much because first I was so busy and then I was almost not online for several days

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