Merry Christmas 2021!

Merry Christmas 2021! We wish you happy and relaxing holidays!

We are enjoying our German American Christmas to the fullest.

Yesterday, we put on our most comfortable Christmas PJs and had a quiet day at home. We always celebrate Christmas Eve according to my German culture: there is the traditional dinner with potato salad and sausages before we open all presents. Apparently, all four of us were very good this year because we received excellent gifts. Lotti and Arti also got to try catnip for the very first time and went a little bonkers. I gave a digital piano to Rich as the main gift, which we still need to install.

Today we celebrate in Rich’s U.S. American tradition: we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and are now on the train to meet his family in Connecticut. There will be plenty of food and a few more presents. Sadly, Arti and Lotti have to stay home alone. But they most certainly take many naps, eat, play with little new toys and explore their new hanging cat cave.

We stay in Connecticut until tomorrow afternoon. Then Rich’s parents will return to the City with us, and we will host a traditional German Christmas dinner with dumplings, red cabbage and roasted duck. Of course, there is much more food as I always fill up the fridge and freezer to the rim for holidays 😊.

Happy holidays!

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