Week in review: 2 – 8 March 2020

Last week was both wonderful and exhausting.

I attended a Model United Nations conference with a group of high school students from Wednesday to Saturday. It is my tenth school year since I have become a MUN adviser and I still love the conferences immensely. As this one took place in the City, we even got to go to the General Assembly in the actual U.N. building for a question time with U.N. employees. We also visited the Bangladesh Mission to the U.N. as my students represented that country. The only downside for me is that the conferences always mean very little sleep. I was up and about all day and never got home before midnight.

Also last week the Coronavirus reached New York. It actually turned out that my school district has been much more affected than the City itself. But of course we all worried because the population density here is very high and the virus spreads fast. Personally I am not so concerned about becoming terribly sick, but about our wedding being impaired. What if my parents won’t be able to come here? Or, even worse, what if they close down city hall and we can’t get married on the date that has already been engraved into our wedding bands? And what about our honeymoon that we booked several weeks ago? The next few weeks will show how all of that actually goes … fingers crossed.

|Watched| GNTM, Ragnarok
|Read| A Threat of Shadows*, Pursuit of Shadows*, Siege of Shadows*, Vanilla Bean Vengeance*, The New York Times, Time Magazine*
|Listened to| not so many things
|Done| been sick, worked, went to a Model United Nations conference with students from Wednesday to Saturday, including a meeting at the Bangladesh Mission to the U.N., finally went home on Saturday noon and caught up on sleep
|Eaten| sushi, ramen, donuts, Turkish dinner with a friend
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, white wine
|Thought| it is interesting to watch people who think nobody ever sees right through them and they can get away with almost everything
|Been happy| every time I could go to sleep 🙂
|Laughed| when, at a reception, I started talking to the people next to me and it turned out that they were also German
|Desired| I am still looking for the perfect wedding shoes
|Bought| a dress, a skirt, a necklace, earrings
|Clicked| to me the topic of U.S. American roommates is a vast one: Ant Farms, Lasagna, and PCP: New Yorkers Share Their Most Chaotic Roommate Stories; I think it is time to visit Canada again very soon: All are Welcome at this Harry Potter-Themed Bar—Even Muggles

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1 thought on “Week in review: 2 – 8 March 2020”

  1. Ich drücke dir wie verrückt die Daumen dafür, dass alles gut geht – mit der Hochzeit, der Hochzeitsreise und auch der Anwesenheit deiner Eltern!!!

    Leider werde ich in diesem Jahr meine Familie in Deutschland nicht sehen. Wir haben auch beschlossen, dass niemand herkommt und einfach alle Reisen vermieden werden. (Wenn ich weinende Emoticons machen könnte, dann stünden hier jetzt so … 100 mindestens.) Das einzig Tröstliche dabei ist, dass es für einen guten Zweck ist. Ich werde nämlich Tante und möchte meinen Neffen, der vermutlich im Juni geboren wird, keiner unnötigen Gefahr aussetzen.

    Ganz liebe Grüße! Corinna

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