Week in review: 19 – 25 October 2020

Wow, it is already the end of October. My feeling is that it was only just March and everything closed. Sadly, I saw this week that one of my favorite diners has closed for good. Scotty’s Diner hadn’t been open for half a year and, like so many other cafes and restaurants here in Midtown, it now seems to have fallen victim to the Coronavirus crisis. Every time we take a walk, we see more and more stores shut down around here. It is a sad picture of Manhattan. It some cases the storefronts of a whole block are empty. Without tourists and commuters there just aren’t as many people spending money. Instead the number of homeless people seems to be rising – or at least there are so many more homeless residing on the streets around Grand Central. Like that naked guy, clearly drugged, riding a bicycle down Lexington Avenue the other day when I got home after 8 p.m. Or the woman, also clearly drugged, who wears a different wig and Halloween mask every day, and dances around in her torn leather skirt. The man who sits in front of Starbucks and tries to sell his paintings. The two women who always sit right in front of the corner drugstore and approach almost every passerby for money.

At the same time I am sure that New York City will rise again. Eventually, tourists and commuters will flock the streets again and I will be terribly annoyed at all the crowds. And at the people stopping in the middle of a pavement to take photos of just every building. And at the always rising prices. Yep, I am very hard to please.

|Watched| The Great British Baking Show, Küchenschlacht
|Read| Lord of the Rings, Consider the Fork, The Crown
|Listened to| Teoman concerts
|Done| worked a lot, went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday on Wednesday night, visited the Whitney Museum on Friday night, took the kittens for their first tiny walk outside, walked to the Upper East Side to look at Halloween decorated townhouses
|Eaten| pasta, burrito, fajita, banana bread, orange whiskey crinkle cookies
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, prosecco
|Thought| I wish the election was over already
|Been happy| that I spent so much time with my friends outside
|Laughed| at all the cute and funny things our kitten do (whatever they do is the cutest thing, wherever they are is the cutest spot)
|Desired| a few baking and cooking utensils (and maybe space to put them into our kitchen)

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|Bought| I ordered Elif Shafak’s latest book, food and drinks in restaurants
|Clicked| this extract from Elif Shafak’s newest book resonates deeply with me and it is stunningly written: Elif Shafak on What It Means to Belong in Many Places at Once; I love that the Everygirl has taken a stance and gives very good reasons: The Everygirl Endorses Biden/Harris in the 2020 Presidential Election; Jessica gives great advice: My Top Fashion Blogger Posing Tips

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