Week in review: 18 – 24 October 2021

This week was an up and down to be very honest. Nothing particularly bad happened, but neither did something particularly good. I felt more like stagnating and not feeling balanced. Good news is that we have hit the third trimester of the pregnancy already, but also my body is changing at an even higher speed. Almost everything feels uncomfortable, unless I am floating in the swimming pool. On the other hand it is amazing how much I, or rather we, can now feel our baby kicking. And now that we have started the 7th month, she already has a fair chance of surviving, should something bad happen. All of that feels pretty good and also magical.

Since we had a few warm and sunny days, I spent quite some time on our roof deck. When we bought the apartment, the roof deck was one of my priorities and I should definitely make even more use of it. But sometimes it is just easier to stay inside and cuddle with the cat ladies. Really, they are just the best. They orbit us at all times. Last night I woke up and realized they had taken over half of the bed – but as a good cat mom, I tried not to wake them up, but move carefully around them, ha ha.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Great British Baking Show, inside job

|Read| Grenzfälle, Majesty, Die Frau aus der Nordsee, Inselschuld

|Listened to| AnnenMayKantereit

|Done| went swimming twice, emptied more of the last boxes at home, had some of Rich’s college friends over on Sunday

|Eaten| burritos, sandwiches, cauliflower carrot soup, eggs Benedict, scones

|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea

|Thought| That belly is getting in the way for pretty much everything.

|Been happy| about little things like swimming, the cats or lying in the sun on our rooftop

|Laughed| when I was so hungry I just had to get up to eat something last night – and Rich “caught” me right away

|Desired| to find a way to more inner calm and balance

|Bought| another load of small(er) things, like Christmas decorations and first gifts, parts of our Halloween costumes

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|Clicked| this eyeshadow palette looks wonderful: Natasha Denona Retro Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches; I think we totally need a greenhouse at home: This IKEA Staple Moonlights as a Greenhouse; the Sephora beauty sale is coming up soon and here is a: Complete List of Vegan Brands at Sephora & Their Most Popular Products

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