Bump Friendly Halloween Costumes 2021

Halloween is coming up in 10 days and I am a little excited. The Village Halloween Parade is taking place and, now that it is my third Halloween in the City, we finally plan to go. That, of course, raises the question of the costume. Certain options from previous years don’t work this time – or can you imagine a pregnant Hermione Granger or Dorothy Gale?

My criteria for this year’s Halloween costume are that it needs to be bump friendly and appropriate and that it matches Rich’s costume. Initially that sounded easier said than done. Especially considering that we didn’t want to spend a big amount of time making the costumes or buy everything. Luckily, there are plenty of ideas on other blogs that made our decision-finding easier.

I particularly liked these two ideas:

How To Make A Hippie Costume For Halloween

I realized that we have most of the things at home to make for a wonderful hippie couple.

Beetlejuice Family Costume + Harry Potter, Tiger King & More!

Beetlejuice and Co. are so crazy that I feel even my bump wouldn’t be that weird. The post also lists plenty of other ideas for maternity and couple Halloween costumes.

What will we go as?

Ultimately, I was “allowed” to make the decision for this year’s costumes. I then felt that I want to keep the family ideas for future years because they will be even better with our little girl participating (who wants to be a princess when they can be a monster?). So I looked at what we already have at home, added face masks (they are required to attend the Village Halloween Parade anyways) and came up with one of my favorite fictional characters (me) and his best friend (Rich). I tell you this much: I will mostly look green …

Other easy and bump friendly Halloween costumes

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Have you made any plans for Halloween 2021 yet?

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