Week in review: 18 – 24 July 2022

It has been the hottest week of the year so far and I am not a fan. I decided to mostly just stay at home, which made the cats happy, but Josephine maybe not as much. Only, as soon as we go outside, we are drenched in sweat. Our more energy efficient A.C. (the one connected to the building’s water tower) is running nonstop and we set up a fan in our bedroom. Still our apartment has heated up so much.

That made me reach the conclusion that next year, if things are similar, I will take Josephine and just spend most of July and August in the homestead in Maine. Yes, very much like in the movies (or TV series – yes, we just watched “The Summer I Turned Pretty”) where the moms and kids spend their summers in some fancy summer house and the dads come to visit every now and then. Then again, I know that the heat in Maine isn’t as brutal. Also, there are just a lot more trees around, which translates into more shade and just overall more pleasantness.

Already I am so much looking forward to going there in two weeks. I can’t wait to swim in the lake almost every day. While I started to go swimming here rather regularly, summer put an end to it. My indoor pool is closed because of a lifeguard shortage. In Maine I can just swim or use a floaty (let’s be honest, I am way more of a floaty kind of person, who also has a cool drink in one hand) and there isn’t any lifeguard to tell me that that is forbidden. I am really counting down the days … only 12 more …

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Ms. Marvel, The Iron Chef

|Read| The Knife of Osiris, The Serpent of Chaos, The Summer I Turned Pretty, Like a Sister, Poseidon’s Academy

|Listened to| kids’ songs, Spotify summer playlists, Placebo

|Done| continued to knit Josephine’s sweater, avoided the heat by staying mostly at home, we finally installed 2/3 of my wardrobe’s doors, we started planning what we still need to do before going to Maine in two weeks

|Eaten| vegan shepherd’s pie, pasta, eggplant steak, peach Dutch baby, sandwiches, pickled eggs

|Drunk| water, coffee, watermelon cocktail, pineapple cider

|Thought| I am still not sure if I can leave the cats home alone when we go to Maine

|Been happy| when the weekend arrived – Rich worked more than usual this week and got home pretty late, which left me with way less breaks

|Laughed| when Lotti admired herself in a mirror

|Desired| less heat and possibly a little more sleep (just one longer stretch without any interruption)

|Bought| food and a few makeup products at T.J.Maxx

|Clicked| as we are going to travel a lot in August and September, I also think about Covid often: Endemic Covid-19 Looks Pretty Brutal; I enjoyed this: Do Eye Creams Actually Work for Wrinkles?; a great portrait: U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on Being the First — and the Future

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1 thought on “Week in review: 18 – 24 July 2022”

  1. Madonna!!! Josephine’s such a cutie!!!

    Bei unseren knappen 40 Grad und der hohen Luftfeuchte kann ich total verstehen, dass du der Stadt am liebsten entfliehen möchtest. Wir werden nächste Woche nach Brandenburg reisen, aber kommen scheinbar nur vom Regen in die Traufe. (Wenn’s mal regnen würde!) Meine Eltern schwitzen sich auch schon seit Wochen die Seele aus dem Leib,

    Jedenfalls wünsche ich euch erholsame Tage am See in Maine. Knuddel die Kleine von mir! Sie ist wirklich supersüß!

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