Week in review: 11 – 17 July 2022

We have reached the part of summer where it gets disgusting. It feels like New York City has turned into a swamp. When it is constantly hot and humid. So I have cut back on outside time and instead enjoy our cooler apartment, together with Josephine, Arti and Lotti. Of course, Josephine and I still take a stroller walk every day. But that is mostly after 4 p.m. With the exception of our farmers market day (Wednesday morning) and the odd appointment.

For example on Thursday we went outside already before 9 a.m. Temperatures then were still pleasant and there was much shade everywhere. I had found a great offer for a jogging stroller on Facebook Marketplace and we went to buy it. The stroller is rather for Josephine and Rich, who regularly goes running. But the cats love to sit in it as well – as long as they remain in our apartment.

I think I would enjoy the summer outside much more if the City had little tea gardens in every tiny park, just like in Istanbul. There I sat under trees and sipped several cups of sweet black tea over the course of several hours. And it was very pleasant. Here there are cafes everywhere. But with a decent coffee costing easily 4 or 5 $, I rather stay at home and make my own. And no later than the start of September I will complain that the height of summer has long passed.

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|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Ms. Marvel, Jurassic World Dominion, The Iron Chef

|Read| The Red Pyramid, The Son of Sobek, The Knife of Osiris

|Listened to| kids’ songs, Spotify summer playlists

|Done| continued to knit Josephine’s sweater, we discussed renovating parts of our apartment with a company, I found and purchased a jogging stroller on Facebook Marketplace, Rich’s best friend visited

|Eaten| ramen, pasta, zucchini sauce, broccoli salad, chips with dips

|Drunk| water, coffee, banana latte

|Thought| how are our cats turning two already?!

|Been happy| that Josephine, so far, has eaten all the foods we have given her immediately

|Laughed| when we feed Josephine, she and her high chair look like a battle field

|Desired| a proper vacation

|Bought| food, the jogging stroller, quite a lot of things from Amazon on Prime Day (mostly things we wanted or needed to buy anyways):

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|Clicked| I really liked this opinion article: What It Means to Raise an American Girl Now; such a great list: 33 of the Best Comfort Movies; hear hear: In Praise of Pointless Goals

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