Week in review: 18 – 24 February 2019

This week has been an especially good one. We went on a road trip from Monday to Friday and explored so many interesting and exciting places in Nevada, Arizona and Utah. I mean I wasn’t excited so much about the winter weather. And then, on Thursday, there even was a snowstorm. On the other hand, we got to see places covered in snow that most people don’t, like the Grand Canyon. Even though I loved the Grand Canyon, my favorite day turned out to be Friday. First we went on a tour to Antelope Canyon, which is on Navajo territory. There weren’t too many tourists around so we had much time to take amazing photos. Afterwards we deciced to go to the Carol Pink Sand Dunes that were covered in snow. Locals there lent us a tube so that we could also slide down the snowy hills. So much fun! And they even recommended a cafe to us that lay on our way back to Las Vegas. The coffee there was indeed very good. Shortly afterwards we saw a little road sign advertising a dinosaur museum. Exactly what I wanted to see. I had been disappointed that, due to the snow storm, we hadn’t been able to go and see dinosaur tracks in the national parks. But the little museum totally made up for it. I mean they had foot prints of a baby dinosaur and even a dinosaur’s butt print. This was totally one of my childhood dreams come true!

I’ll write a few posts on our road trip, but first I have to organize the almost 1800 photos.

Week in review: 18 - 24 February 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 18 - 24 February 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 18 - 24 February 2019 | janavarWeek in review: 18 - 24 February 2019 | janavar

|Watched| The Magicians, GNTM
|Read| My Kind of Perfect*, Christmas Cake Murder*, Becoming*
|Listened to| Roxette, oldies on the car radio
|Done| picked up our rental car and drove from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon (Arizona) to Kanab (Utah) and stopped at many places on our way
|Eaten| American breakfast, beef and bison jerky, steak, pasta
|Drunk| water, coffee, beer, coke
|Thought| Everything here is so beautiful.
|Been happy| all the time
|Laughed| about so many things with my boyfriend
|Desired| not having to go home
|Bought| a magnet and a Christmas ornament
|Clicked| I agree that our generation doesn’t enjoy freetime activities as they are enough: The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles; Masha’s post is very moving and I also totally agree with her that abortion should be legal: Breaking the Silence

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