Week in review: 14 – 20 November 2016

I must admit that buying my television set was my best recent investment. Of course I always used my laptop to watch news and movies, but the feeling is different. I love to have a 32 inch telly in my room because especially on a lazy day like today I can lie on my bed and watch one movie after another. And there are so many movies I haven’t watched before. Thanks to my internet provider I have pay TV including HBO – do I need to say anything more?! It is wonderful to lie down, have a cup of hot coffee next to me, a warm cat on my legs, and get lost in totally different worlds and stories. Today I slowly worked my way from the early 1990s till today, and I saw many different parts of NYC.

In case I don’t like any of the movies or series that are for free, I look at my Amazon Prime. Some of friends also have Netflix, but we all agree that you don’t need more than two of these providers. Even though I don’t need the traditional TV program anymore, when you wait for a movie to start at 8.15 p.m. for instance (this is the German evening prime time), I love watching programs on a big screen. I also reflected if I watch to much TV these days, but I don’t think so. Only this week I spent Monday evening outside because I wanted to take photos of the super moon, which unfortunately hid behind clouds; on Wednesday I went to the opera; and yesterday I cooked the whole day and then hosted our Friendsgiving dinner. So watching many movies today is more like a special treat and in a way I feel like I’m kind of preparing for the next week, which is very short: on Tuesday we finish work early, and then it’s Thanksgiving break, woohoo!

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|Watched| the opera “Greek”; Divorce, Younger, Pride and Prejudice (modern version from 2013), Scents and Sensibility, Say anything, Love potion No. 9, No reservations
|Read| The Forty Rules of Love,
|Listened to| this “Thanksgiving” playlist:

|Done| worked, hosted a Friendsgiving dinner
|Eaten| pepper and gouda soup, eggs Florentine, pizza, Thanksgiving dinner
|Drunk| water, coffee, cider, orange juice, eggnog
|Thought| A whole day of cooking really clears my mind.
|Been happy| when my friends were there, the table was sat, and we had our perfect dinner
|Laughed| at Canavar, who only wanted to play with my friends who he already knew
|Desired| a dishwasher
|Bought| a turkey and loads of food
|Clicked| the following videos are just awesome:

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