Week in review: 13 – 19 June 2022

This week in 10 foods:

  • rhubarb cake: I love rhubarb and am always excited to find it on our weekly farmer’s market. This week I made a rhubarb cake that consisted of several little layers, namely short pastry, vanilla pudding, rhubarb and meringue. I am already sad that rhubarb season is almost over.
  • strawberries: fresh and cheap from our street vendors. They are just so tasty and don’t last long with us.
  • pad thai: Rich makes an awesome pad thai. Always slightly different, always delicious. One of the dishes we could eat every week.
  • Iskender kebap: We went to a Turkish restaurant on Saturday evening and I ordered once more their Iskender kebap. I love the mix of meat, tomato sauce, lots of butter, bread and Turkish yogurt.
  • crispy waffles: I finally used our dinosaur waffle maker for the first time (Rich used it before) and followed a recipe I found in a German cookbook. The waffles turned out great, like almost cookie-like on the outside and cake-like inside.
  • chakalaka: It is still one of my goals to get to know more about African cuisines. So this week I made South African chakalaka. That is perfect for summer days because it contains so many vegetables.
  • pastries: Funnily enough the best ones are from the cheap breakfast street stands. Rich bought donuts for us.
  • sourdough baguette: I wanted to buy some nice bread and stumbled over sourdough baguette. Fresh baguette is always so good. We enjoyed it with some salami by the way.
  • pickled eggs: I have always liked pickles, but since becoming pregnant last year I have loved them even more. Pickled eggs are one of my absolute favorites. And one farm stand sells them in glasses every now and then. I could eat them every day … I should actually just learn myself how to pickle eggs.
  • Dunkin’ Caramel Macchiato Cereal: I am not a big cereal fan. But when I recently saw the Dunkin’ cereal in a drugstore, I wanted to try it. And it is really tasty, like a cup of coffee in a bowl. I particularly love the little marshmallows in it. This week I had cereals for breakfast almost every morning.

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|Read| The Hammer of Thor

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Letzte Spur Berlin, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

|Listened to| the Bossbabe podcast, some German pop

|Done| on Monday we went to Josephine’s 4 months doctor checkup, I worked a bit and looked after Josephine, we took plenty of walks, we went juggling, I went swimming again on Friday, we had some friends over on Saturday and went out with them for dinner

|Eaten| see above

|Drunk| water, coffee, cider

|Thought| I don’t want Josephine to grow (up) so fast

|Been happy| when the Covid vaccine was authorized for kids from 6 months on

|Laughed| so much every day – life is just funnier with a baby

|Desired| very little

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|Bought| we ordered a bigger bed for Josephine, I ordered a bigger Aldi delivery, I signed Josephine up for her first baby music class

|Clicked| not much because I don’t find much time to be online often these days (well, except for apps like Instagram on my phone)

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  1. You can freeze Rhubarb. We have so frozen in Andover, and we’ll save it for you. I only know two African dishes: one is peanut stew and the other is a fish stew. I have a cookbook I’ll bring to Andover

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