Week in review: 13 – 19 February 2017

Some days are just awful. Today for instance. I woke up with a horrible sore throat, even swallowing hurts. I know the symptoms, it is definitely a sinus infection. Since nothing has really helped, I’ll go to an urgent care clinic tomorrow where they hopefully give me antibiotics. Second, I was very proud of myself today because I had an appointment with my tax preparation company. I mean filing taxes two months instead of two days before the actual tax day is very early for me. Also this is a first. But once I sat there and my consultant put all the data into the electronic system, said system acted up. All the other consultants from the office had a look, but couldn’t find any mistake. She then spent 40 minutes on the phone with the software department, only to be finally told that it was going to take them several days to fix the problem (since they didn’t even know yet what the actual problem was). So I have to go back there next weekend. This obviously doesn’t improve my attitude towards filing taxes. I am glad I pay somebody to deal with it instead of trying to do it myself. Third, when I came home, I learned that some f*cker stole my Sunday New York Times. It had been outside on the pavement when I left, so I just put it inside where we have open baskets for mail in the hallway. But I didn’t have the time to immediately take it upstairs. Since all letters and packages for the whole house are always there in the open, I didn’t expect my newspaper to be stolen. Unfortunately it did. As a reaction I wrote a short open letter and stuck it on the front door. I seriously hope that the neighbor who took my newspaper feels ashamed. I’m absolutely done with today and will go to bed soon.

|Watched| GNTM, Harry Potter
|Read| NY Times, Time Magazine, StyleWatch, Turkey – The Insane and the Melancholy
|Listened to| pop songs esp. from Jake Bugg and Tarkan
|Done| enjoyed a snow day, worked, tried to file my taxes
|Eaten| Thai food, pancakes
|Drunk| water, coffee, tea, cider
|Thought| How relieved I feel once I’ve reached a decision.
|Been happy| when winter break started
|Laughed| every time a friend sends me a funny video
|Desired| an answer
|Bought| face sunscreen
|Clicked| Duolingo

© janavar

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