Week in review: 12 – 18 November 2018

This morning I went into the basement to get some more of my winter clothes, i.e. scarves, hats, gloves, and boots. In summer I had piled book boxes and plastic boxes with odds and ends into one corner of the basement that I share with the people who live in the other apartments. Since I am not a huge fan of dark lower levels, I don’t go there much. And I guess that is how I forgot how many things I put there. I had put the scarves, hats and gloves into the same big box as my extensive candle collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how much clothes take on odors. I am afraid that I’ll smell like a scented candle shop for the whole winter. The boots however were in the “memory” box. I guess there is a good reason why I have put the memories all in one box and haven’t felt like opening it since. There also is another big box saying “hobbies”. I have tried to remember what exactly I put in there, but haven’t come up with a good answer yet.

When I moved in summer, I thought I had thrown out quite a lot of my stuff. But today just made me aware that I still own so much more. I am very sure that I’ll never become a minimalist, but all those boxes in the basement still shocked me. One problem obviously is that apartments on the East Coast are just too small. While I lived in a three room (two bedrooms, one living room) apartment all by myself in Istanbul, I now live in a tiny studio, i.e. one room apartment. But I pay about three times the rent for this studio in comparison to my big Istanbul apartment. The housing market here is just insane.

And I am glad to have a basement at all where I can store all my candles and books and memories and Christmas decoration and … because I will never be the person who owns only one pair of gloves, one hat and one scarves – esp. in New England winters that last from now to April. But just in case I ever have (or want) to move again, I light a few candles tonight because the candle box is also the heaviest.

Week in review: 12 - 18 November | janavarWeek in review: 12 - 18 November | janavarWeek in review: 12 - 18 November | janavarWeek in review: 12 - 18 November | janavar

|Watched| new york minute, Jersey Girl, Letters to Juliet, Atlas Shrugged 1 – 3
|Read| Not nice*; Kai aus der Kiste*; Kabale und Liebe*
|Listened to| Yüksek Sadakat
|Done| didn’t do anything on Monday except for taking the bus home, worked for the rest of the week, mostly stayed at home this weekend and relaxed
|Eaten| pad thai, Afghan food
|Drunk| water, tea, coffee, white wine
|Thought| it sucks that my best friend is moving far away in two weeks
|Been happy| that a certain phone call I had waited for for weeks was finally made
|Laughed| when I felt a little down and Canavar lay down on my belly and was extra cuddly
|Desired| a long long break
|Bought| so Sephora had this % 20 on everything campaign …
|Clicked| I found this post really useful: The Ultimate Guide To Cleaning Your Makeup Collection; I love pop tarts and never knew how easy it is to make them at home: House Shaped Pop Tarts (aka The Easiest Recipe EVER)

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