Week in review: 10 – 16 January 2022

It has become bitterly cold in New York City and I am glad that, most days, I can just stay at home. I really don’t envy Rich who has to go to work when it is -10°C out there. But I am a little jealous of all those other parts in the U.S. that seem to get plenty of snow, while we are not. I feel it is not utterly fair that the South has more snow than us. So I am still waiting for a winter more of my liking …

Else, we have completed 9 months of pregnancy this week. From now on I am going to have at least two different doctor’s appointments per week. The baby is moving around a lot, but she seems to like her breech position. Very contrary to me who has dreamed of a birth as natural as possible. Over the next few weeks we will see what we end up with. For now, Rich and I enjoy our last few days/weeks as just the two of us.

|Watched| Encanto, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, The Wheel of Time

|Read| Consider the Fork, Our Violent Ends, The Last Duel, The Wendigo Whoop-De-Doo, Give Birth Like a Feminist: Your body. Your baby. Your choices.

|Listened to| Rich playing the piano

|Done| cleaned my desk and other parts of the apartment, tried to rest a lot, had another pregnancy checkup

|Eaten| vegan fish tofu burgers, mac’n’cheese, pizza, tomato soup, seafood

|Drunk| water, coffee, fruit tea, hot chocolate

|Thought| this sucks: why do I have constant, painful Braxton-Hicks contractions?!

|Been happy| that I could mostly just stay at home and not do much

|Laughed| with Rich and about the cats (the usual)

|Desired| the end of pregnancy

|Bought| a few more baby things, I ordered clothes for myself – let’s see if they fit in a few weeks:

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|Clicked| I was glad to see that the baby name we have chosen is not on any most popular list: From Netflix Inspired Monikers to Spotify Listening Habits – The Baby Name Trends to Watch Out For in 2022; I like these ideas: 10 Ways to Help a New Mom; this cake sounds delish: Kaffee-Kardamom Marmorkuchen nach Yotam Ottolenghi; I cried when I read Katii’s story about her mom dying of Covid: Corona positiv: So war unser persönlicher Albtraum.

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  1. I’m glad you’ve completed your nine months of pregnancy. I hadn’t realized that 9 months end before the due date. hang in there

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