Week in review: 1 – 7 June 2020

This week was a mixed bag again.

On a personal level: After our fridge broke last weekend and our landlord still hasn’t managed to even order a new one, we also learned that our A.C. is broken. It is not much fun in our apartment these days. Especially since the weather in New York City has become hot and humid. I’d give a lot for being able to turn on an A.C. and having properly cooled food. Or actually having plenty of food in the fridge. But we can’t buy much because it goes bad so quickly.

On the other hand, we finally got married this week. After two unsuccessful attempts, we didn’t tell anyone this time. Well, except for our officiant and our one witness/guest. We tied the knot in Bryant Park on Thursday evening. In my words: “I first worked the whole day, then got ready and we quickly got married.” – my granny: “You sound exactly like your granddad. He would have also preferred to work just before his wedding.” Anyway, this nano wedding was exactly my dream come true and it deserves its own blog post within the next few days.

On a big level: The U.S. does not only have to deal with Coronavirus and an economic crisis, but also with civil unrest. Thousands, including us, have joined the – mostly peaceful – Black Lives Matter protests in the streets. New York City was then rewarded with a curfew by the mayor. It has turned out that the U.S. American police is not looking forward to any change – no matter if it is laws or finances. Instead many of them love to assert their power and swing their riot sticks.

Good news this morning was that the curfew has finally been lifted, although it was supposed to last another night. And NYC mayor de Blasio vowed to divert NYPD funds to youth and social programs.

|Watched| Ice Age 2
|Read| Bylines & Skylines, Off the Record, Unwritten & Underwater, The New York Times, Time Magazine
|Listened to| The Kelly Family
|Done| taught from home, participated in several Black Lives Matter street protests, got married
|Eaten| Italian food, muffins, donuts, icecream
|Drunk| water, coffee, champagne
|Thought| Every time we think we’ve seen it all, there’s something new, like a curfew.
|Been happy| when we got married and …
|Laughed| … it finally really happened
|Desired| a fridge and a working A.C.
|Bought| nothing
|Clicked| children’s books for more diversity in German: 30 Bücher für mehr Diversität und Vielfalt im Kinderzimmer; and in English: 16 Children’s Books that Celebrate Diversity; and for adults: My Personal Anti-Racist Reading List.; a list of black-owned beauty brands: 32 Black-Owned Skincare, Hair, and Makeup Brands We Love and Support

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